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6 Best Software Development Companies in Los Angeles

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When it comes to building an app or program for your business, you want to know you’re working with the best software development companies in Los Angeles.

It takes thousands of dollars to build effective software that is bug-free and elegant, so making a mistake with your creative partner can be costly in more ways than one.

So how do you pick? What makes a good software engineer?

Consider the scope of your project. Do you need a solution for thousands of users? Are you in a hurry to get the software out onto the market? Will your app need to incorporate new technology?

These are all important questions to ask, and each software development company will have skills unique to their studio.

The 6 Best Software Development Companies in Los Angeles

Two people looking at something on a computerTo help answer the question of which is the best software development company in Los Angeles, we’ll look at the rankings published by Clutch Co., The Manifest, and UpCity. Each of these rating agencies measures the success of a company based on the satisfaction of its customers, the price of its services, and the scope of projects it handles.

None of them completely agree, of course, and each of these publications is going to take a different approach to rank these developers. However, our list comprises the companies that top the charts across all three sites.

Expedition Co.

A big player in the space is Expedition Co. As far as software design, their products are unique and captivating. With eye-popping design and sharp lines throughout their projects, Expedition Co. helps its clients strike a strong web presence by walking them through the entire design and production process.

Starting with a sitemap plan and moving toward launch, Expedition Co. is a software development powerhouse. Their clients include Hyundai, Lexus, the Staples Center, and numerous other high-level clients.

Speed and flexibility seem to be highlighted in their design. They’re also skilled in responsive web design and work to make it easy for their client’s websites to function on any medium.

By understanding the needs of each client and end-user, Expedition Co. can customize software and websites to get results.


Some web developers start small with simple software design from the ground up. Saritasa is not one of them. As one of the leading VR/AR developers in Los Angeles—a competitive city that has its own VR expo—they excel at plunging users into immersive environments for purposes like entertainment, job training, and reference.

If you’re in need of a VR/AR developer, they’re worth taking a look.

Goji Labs

A team of developersAmong the leaders in app development in Los Angeles is Goji Labs. With a vision where each client can scale their business as far as it needs to go, they have the know-how to build web presence from the ground up.

After just a few years in business, Goji Labs has secured contracts with some of the world’s foremost organizations, such as the World Wildlife Fund, World Health Organization, UCLA, and the City of Los Angeles.

The reason is clear.

Goji Labs’ long game approach to serving clients has earned them a reputation where clients know they won’t have to worry about technical hiccups down the road.

Whether it’s UX/UI design, app development, or web design, Goji Labs ranks high among the best software development companies in LA. Their Distro Pro app is one of the most popular programs used by film producers to keep projects running smoothly, and it’s not the only widely used app they make.

For a full-service software developer, you can count on, Goji Labs is a great place to find a team you can work with and build the best software for the money.


Near the top of the boutique list of custom software developers is Sidebench—and LA-based software studio that builds award-winning apps for companies like Red Bull, Sony, Facebook, and NBCUniversal. They are responsible for the Ghostbusters VR app, where users get up and close with paranormal beings to send them back to the abyss.

In fact, Sidebench is one of the largest software firms listed here, as well as one of the most expensive.

Most of their business comes from enterprise companies with virtually no budget restrictions on what they can create. However, that’s not always realistic for most businesses.


Not everyone cares about building the most enchanting app of the year. Some businesses are content with a B2B app that works without any issues and keeps a simple appearance. For those companies, Endertech may be worth exploring.

Their portfolio includes software for speech recognition, SEO optimization, healthcare data entry, sales, and more.

The verdict?

If you are a B2B-oriented business and you’re ready to build an app, this may be an option for you.


Some software developers are interested in broadening the scope of the apps they build. Distillery seems to be one of those companies. Their app portfolio spans solutions for dog owners, cryptocurrency investors, radio listeners, and even underwater sports enthusiasts.

Distillery takes a team approach to all their projects. This approach helps support their clients by designing and building software all the way from concept creation to deployment.

However, unlike other software developers, Distillery seems to take a slower pace to their work, prioritizing perfection over urgency.

If you aren’t concerned about timeframe, this studio may be a good place to understand the scope of your software.

Where Should You Go?

The decision to choose a software developer is a difficult one. Companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars (or more) to build the best software.

And because of this, it’s important to know what you want when hiring a development team.

As a result, it’s important to know exactly what you want when you hire a development team. Once you can do this, you can ensure your project will have the right oversight and execution.

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