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What Are the Best iOS Development Companies in Los Angeles?

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Macs and iPhones comprise some of the best consumer technology out there, but when it comes to programming, what are the best Apple development companies in Los Angeles?

With more than half of all web traffic taking place via smartphone—and nearly half of all smartphones running iOS—the ability to build strong Apple-friendly software has never been more important. Apps on iPhones tend to generate more revenue and involve a less complicated development process. They are also highly secure.

So why can’t everybody build them well?

For starters, iOS uses a programming language called Swift, and developers more familiar with Android and Microsoft devices may have a tough time with Swift’s learning curve. While it isn’t known for being particularly difficult, it has its own ins and outs that, without the right experience, can lead to unnecessary complications.

The best way to ensure your Apple software is built right is to hire one of the best Apple development companies in Los Angeles.

But how can you know which company to trust?

Start with Veterans of Apple Design

An iphone on a white backgroundIf you’re looking for the definitive and objective answer to the question of who is Los Angeles’ best Apple developer, we’ve got some bad news: no one knows. What we can tell you is how to find the best team for your needs.

A good place to start is with a developer whose work you like. Look around for apps you like, find out who built them, and see if you can talk to them about your project. Whether or not you end up with their services, you can at least get a better idea of how to proceed. In the best-case scenario, the developer has a name to recommend.

Most importantly though, looking for a good developer will force you to have a clearer outline in place for your project—it’s hard to ask questions about a program when you don’t know what it does.

Which “Best” Are You Looking For?

There are tiers of development excellence, and most of the teams near the top do more—and cost more—than you may need. Unless you’re looking to break into the app market with some highly interactive virtual reality program, stick to a team that builds effective programs without all the flash.

Designing a custom program for Apple isn’t cheap, but you can cut excess costs by sticking to developers that won’t give you anything more than you need. Find a team that has experience in the field you’re breaking into.

As you interview different developers, ask them about what they’ve worked on in the past, and be willing to walk away if it doesn’t work for you—even if they’re polite or they offer you a great deal. It costs a lot more to fix software that wasn’t right to begin with than it is to pay someone who can do it right the first time.

Planning with Help from Developers

The more refined your idea is, the less you’ll spend sandboxing with developers at premium rates. This is where many software ideas start off on the wrong foot—people spend so much money brainstorming with software experts that their budget runs out before the program even starts. Don’t let this be you.

Pare your idea down to its most essential parts. Leave out anything people might not use, even if it seems like a good idea in the future. A good developer will help you build in such a way that post hoc adjustments don’t cause too much headache.

Walk yourself through use case scenarios to lay out precisely what each user will experience. This is a good way to define who those users are as well. Will your experience be the exact same as an employee’s? A customer’s? In defining access permissions, you’ll navigate questions about what information to make available to everyone versus only to certain accounts.

Marketing and branding should also be handled before you pay a developer. If you don’t know the color scheme, font style, or tone of the app, it will put a strain on your deadline and leave you paying for your developer to twiddle their thumbs.

So, take the time to plan as much as you can before paying a developer. This helps both of you by setting clear expectations early and avoiding confusion down the road.

What Does Developing for Apple Mean?

A laptop on a deskA decade ago, finding an Apple coder required a little hunting. Today, that’s all changed.

Templates like Google’s Flutter work on both Android and iOS, making it much easier to find a developer capable of handling your unique needs. On top of that, Apple devices are too common to be ignored as a necessary skill.

The trick to finding a good developer is to make sure they have enough experience building iOS programs that they can take advantage of its unique capabilities.

Ask Them What They Know

Once you’re ready to interview developers, ask them what specifically needs to happen in order for your Apple program to run smoothly. The right team can give you a rundown on what sets iOS programs apart and how to make them work properly.

Ask for feedback as well. When you give them ideas about your plan, they may have some pointers to help prevent mistakes before they happen.

When looking for the best Apple development company in Los Angeles, you want to know that the thousands of dollars you spend will go to good use.

Good questions to ask a developer might include:

  •       How long have you worked on Apple software?
  •       What related projects have you completed?
  •       How do you approach software customization?
  •       What’s your marketing background?
  •       What is your creative process when developing a program?
  •       What other skills do you bring to the table?
  •       How do you approach security for programs like mine?

If they can explain their philosophies to you in plain English, there’s a good chance they’ll have the necessary skills to keep your project moving forward.

Demand a Specific Project Outline

Don’t work with a developer unless they can provide you with a timeline of milestones to be reached. This is a crucial first step in getting your project off the ground, as it ensures that you’ll always have a plan in place on which to base your expectations.

Timelines are important—they tell you how long things normally take and what to expect as you move forward. Without one, you’ll be left trying to feel it out for yourself, which is not only awkward but frustrating. If your developer can’t give you a clear timeline, find another one.

Communication is part of the development process, and setting clear expectations early is one of the most important conversations you’ll have. Periodically, you should check in with your developer and see how they’re doing. The best design studios will be proactive about it, calling you before you ever wonder how long it’s been since the last check-in.

Don’t Underestimate Marketing

If you end up building an app, marketing will be important, and a developer that doesn’t understand it is more likely to make costly, annoying mistakes on your project. Once your program is all ready to go, people need to find it, download it, and keep using it.

With the right marketing, you’ll understand which demographic to target and advertise to. If you leave this part to chance, the odds are good that your app will pass like a ship in the night—big, expensive, and invisible.

Make sure to have a good, long conversation about how your developer intends to get your product through Apple’s rigorous testing requirements before it’s available to be downloaded. If they have the experience, they will know what it’s like to push through this stage of your project successfully.

Finding the Best Apple Development Companies in Los Angeles

Planning is so important. Most of the work you do on your program should happen long before a computer is involved, so don’t take shortcuts while ironing out the wrinkles before bringing it to a developer.

Of course, trying to make a perfect app could postpone deployment dates indefinitely, so give yourself a deadline to do your homework before you start making phone calls to developers. Then, make a list of five or so development companies you think can deliver on your plan before spending a few hours on the phone.

Once the project is underway, do everything you can to avoid making structural changes to your program, as these will cost untold sums of money and time.

You got this! Good luck.

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