Some Great Business Ideas For App Development

David Barlev

August 9, 2018 · 3 minutes

So you’re ready to get into another startup and you want to develop the next big app – but, you’re short on ideas. Well today is your lucky day.

Here are some solid industries and in-demand business ideas for app development that are making waves.

business ideas for your next great app development plan

Taxing & Invoicing

Taxes and accounting are something that every single business, big and small, has to deal with. Every business out there is on the hunt for a program that’s easier, cheaper, and takes less of their time.

Local Food & Grocery Delivery & Pick-up

This is something growing across many industries, including restaurants, fast food chains, and even grocers. We are a busy society, and many of today’s consumers would rather pay to have their goods delivered than take the time to collect it themselves. Or, people now want to order online ahead, and simply pick-up their order upon arrival.

Health & Fitness

There are countless health and fitness apps and devices out there, but there is still plenty of room for improvement. People want programs that can track their workouts, help them monitor their eating, and even remind them of their next doctor’s appointment.

Gifts For Special Occasions

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or a birthday, many consumers struggle with keeping up. What if there was an app that helped people stay on top of every holiday, and helped them arrange a purchase with practically zero effort after the initial set-up?

Dating Sites

Business ideas for app development can be quite diverse. Online dating is a norm in today’s society, and online daters are always looking for the next best thing. There’s plenty of opportunity for apps that offer more, like connecting with social networks and allowing friends and family to either approve or disapprove. There could be first, second, and third date suggestions, along with tracking for success or failure. There are niches that haven’t been touched, and this is a growing market.

Travel & Tourism

Apps that help people travel better and for less will continue to be in high demand. It’s not easy to know all the cool local spots when you’re a foreigner, but wouldn’t it be cool if you landed somewhere and an app on your phone suddenly had all the local suggestions at your fingertips?


People want to eat better and healthier, but they also want to waste less and find recipes that are fast and easy. Helping people create great meals with the food already in their kitchen is a great starting point for this budding industry. What other ideas or services could you add onto this to stand out from the competition?

Site Security

While maintaining site security is crucial for countless businesses out there, there is also a demand for convenience. A business owner or security guard should have the option to manage and monitor everything on their device, regardless of where they are. Business ideas for app development in the security sphere are sure to be in high demand.

Cloud Collaboration

With the rise of remote work and freelancers, it’s more important than ever that businesses have the right tools and apps to help their teams work as a cohesive unit. Apps that help manage projects and teams are in high-demand, and businesses continue to seek out optimal solutions that meet their unique set of needs. Industry specific apps can have a major advantage over generalized solutions.

Well, there you have it! I hope this list has given you some inspiration on a starting point for solid business ideas for app development. Most of these have already been done, but there is a never-ending demand for something that’s better, faster, and has new and improved features.

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