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How to release new features and drive adoption

How to Release New Product Features + Drive Adoption

As product experts, we know a thing or two about how to release new product features and drive adoption.
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B2B Website UX/UI Design Trends

The Superior Guide for B2B Website UX/UI Design Trends

When designing your site, it’s essential to keep track of prevailing B2B website UX/UI trends. 
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Defining and Learning: What Is UX/UI Design?

A comprehensive starter's guide on all things UX/UI and design, covering all the elusive tech-speak.
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chess board representing performing a competitive analysis

Jul 04, 2018

Performing a Competitive Analysis For Your Product Idea

Have an idea for a mobile or web app, but don’t know where to start? In these early stages,...
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man with flannel shirt giving a great pitch during meeting

Jul 03, 2018

Giving a Great Startup Pitch

Over the years, we’ve collected a treasure chest of advice from clients who have successfully pitched to investors. While...
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How Apple Evaluates iOS Apps best practices

Jul 02, 2018

How Apple Evaluates iOS Apps

When a client approaches us with an app they want to build for iOS, we’re not surprised when they...
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digital product building process

Jun 29, 2018

Digital Product Building: and The Role of Empathy

Startups often begin with a strong initial vision, something that makes leaving their day jobs and investing their time...
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ruby programming language

Jun 28, 2018

Ruby Programming Language: Four Reasons We Choose Ruby

Over the last ten years, Ruby Programming Language has been something of an Eden for coders and companies alike....
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product development risk reduction

Jun 27, 2018

Product Development Risk Reduction: A Guide for the Risk Averse, Part I

In the tech industry, we’re all familiar with that daunting adage: 99% percent of startups don’t make it to...
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Jun 26, 2018

The Power of The Principle of Least Astonishment

When it comes to successful app or software development, understanding and following The Principle of Least Astonishment is key....
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three computer screens helping developer identify what's an MVP and why build them

Jun 22, 2018

What’s an MVP and Why Do We Build Them?

What’s an MVP and why do we need one? A lot of our startup clients ask us this question,...
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computer with code reflecting how to speak a developer's language

Jun 11, 2018

How to Speak a Developer’s Language

In the tech industry, we’re all familiar with that daunting adage: 99% of startups don’t make it to launch....
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