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Jul 30, 2018

App Design: Why Colors Matter

If you’re a designer or even a business owner, you get how important colors are. Whether we’re talking branding...

Jul 27, 2018

Stop Trying To Use Your MVP As A Prototype For Your Final Product

Minimum viable product is a term that has been used and abused, to the detriment of many startups. Here’s...

Jul 26, 2018

Why Even Small Businesses Are Investing In Developing Apps

Does your business have its own app, or are you dreaming of creating one? Whether you have the ability...
Young Woman in front of Monitors Writing Code

Jul 25, 2018

A Beginner’s Guide to APIs

Whether you’re a developer or not, you’ve likely heard the term application programming interface, also known as an API,...

Jul 24, 2018

How to Use Software to Benefit Your Business and Customers

Getting a business off the ground is much harder than it looks. While business ownership and the startup culture...
data has a better idea quote about developing software and AI

Jul 23, 2018

If You’re Developing Software, You Should Be Watching AI Closely

If you’re in the business of developing software for mass or niche markets (an ISV), monitoring the developments in...
man working on custom software development, life-changing for startups

Jul 20, 2018

Custom Software Development for Startups is Life-Changing

If you want your business to not only survive, but succeed and grow, you are going to require the...
los angeles app and software development - Los Angeles App Development

Jul 19, 2018

How AI, IoT, And The Hybrid Cloud Are Leading The Way For Digital Transformation

For a company to achieve a true digital transformation, they need to start with a strategy. The point is...
the power of brand partnerships

Jul 18, 2018

The Power of Brand Partnerships

Brand partnerships, both big and small, have the power to enhance reputations, expand visibility, and generate revenue. While this...
hand holding cell phone with mobile app showcasing the impact of crowdsourced testing on software

Jul 17, 2018

Crowdsourced Testing of Software: The Impact

Crowdsourced testing is a hot trend in software development and mobile app development right now, and the impact of...
computer by window helping people understand finding good ruby on rails developers

Jul 16, 2018

Finding Good Ruby on Rails Developers

So you want or need to build an application in Ruby on Rails? You’re not alone. Nowadays, more than...
startup team discussing things to consider for building an app

Jul 13, 2018

Considerations for Building an App: A Startup’s Guide

“You have an awesome idea!”, says everyone around you, and you tend to agree. Look, we all have awesome...

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