Apr 16, 2022 Written by Tamar Barlev

The Power Guide to B2C Go-to-Market Strategy (1/2)

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So, yes—we’ve previously written about B2B go-to-market strategy (here and here). But where does it differ when it comes to B2C go-to-market strategy and B2C marketing strategies?

Good question.

Let’s start at the beginning. Go-to-market strategy comes into play when you have a fantastic product that’s ready to…well, you know. It entails everything from distribution to partnerships to marketing.

But, creating your B2C go-to-market strategy has to happen at the core of your product’s inception. Its planning should start at the initial point of product strategy because it’s the key to narrowing down how to answer your users’ needs.

Go-to-market strategy—and in this case, B2C go-to-market strategy—answers the question of how to meet demand. Basically, how to get your product into the hands of those who need and want it.

What is B2C?

Alright, let’s establish the basics. A B2C model stands for business-to-consumer. This means that you’re selling and marketing to the individual consumer rather than selling to businesses. 

So, you can be selling anything—goods, services, SaaS products, you name it—but you’re selling it to individual buyers and users.

These days, B2C is often related to e-commerce and digital products—but it’s not a new model. Think 80’s infomercials, and you have the right idea.

In the online B2C go-to-to market world, there are a few different types of models.

  • Advertisement-based: meaning, businesses who use targeted ads to lead customers to their websites and digital companies.
  • Direct Sellers: meaning, businesses that sell goods from branded online stores or apps.
  • Intermediaries: meaning, businesses that are marketplaces and link between buyers and sellers without actually owning and selling the products.
  • Fee-based: meaning, businesses that sell fee-based services; often, they’re subscription-based and/or D2C (direct-to-consumer).

What is a B2C Go-to-Market Strategy?

Simply put, a go-to-market strategy refers to the sequential plan that launches a product to market and gets the product or service into the hands of consumers.

If it’s planned well, it’ll be tailored to the business’s target audience, their needs, and the market gap that allows the product to enter. A good B2C go-to-market strategy will include B2C marketing strategies and sales strategies.

The core components of a go-to-market strategy will consider and evolve around:

  1. Establishing Product-Market-Fit: meaning, what problems does your problem solve, and does your product effectively and accessibly solve them?
  2. Finding Your Target Audience: meaning, who has the pain points your product solves, what is their willingness to pay, and what are their specific frustrations surrounding the issue you’re aiming to fix?
  3. Evaluating The Market Landscape and Saturation: meaning, who else is already offering a solution to the problem you’re trying to solve, and is there still demand for a solution or is the market crowded and oversaturated?
  4. Deciding on Distribution: meaning, how will you get your product or service into the consumers’ hands?

B2C Go-to-Market Strategy vs. B2C Marketing Strategies

There may be some confusion between the terms “B2C Go-to-Market Strategy” vs. “B2C Marketing Strategies,” but the difference is relatively simple.

A marketing strategy is ongoing—meaning, your continuous efforts to increase revenue by increasing brand awareness and engagement. These are efforts that encompass content marketing, influencer relations, social media marketing, and paid advertisements.

On the other hand, a go-to-market strategy is a strategy that you use to launch a product into the market. It encompasses everything from sales strategy to pricing, distribution, and, yes, marketing.

And so, these are not synonymous—but B2C marketing strategies are a huge part of any B2C launch because these efforts are the ones that create awareness and increase demand. 

Well, this was a lot. We know.

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