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The Top Software Development Companies in Los Angeles

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If you’re considering new digital content for your business, you should know the top software development companies in Los Angeles.

Working with the right team can boost your ability to serve the exact needs of your customers without breaking the bank. However, everyone’s preferences are different. You gotta weigh your options.

In this blog, we’ll talk list some of LA’s best software development companies and how they can help you make the most of your next project.

A Few Words about Expectations

Thorough planning is the best way to ensure good results. Asking a web development company to generate ideas and establish a format for you is the most expensive way to finish a project, so make sure to take time and understand what you like and how your software should operate.

While some companies will share your preferences more than others, no company can read your mind. Survey your favorite websites, programs, and apps to get a feel for the kind of design you prefer. That way, when it’s time to consult with your developer, you can provide clear instructions about what you want.

The Top Software Development Companies in Los Angeles

The LA skyline at duskDepending on the nature of your project, there are a few things to consider when selecting your team. Some decorated companies may offer great web design but no custom software options. Others may offer packages across different platforms but at a high cost.

No matter how small your company is, having a plan for the future is critical. This means building a website that can scale to a mobile app when the time comes. If your company uses proprietary software—or if you are planning on developing proprietary software—it’s important that your website/app can communicate with it.

When reviewing something like Clutch.Co’s top developer’s page, try to remember that their metric for outstanding software development has as much to do with their customer reviews as with a company’s willingness to get verified (sometimes by even paying a fee). They are best used as a guide.

Know Your Budget

Most software projects cost a few thousand dollars at the very minimum. For more established, recognized companies, that number instantly goes up. One well-known LA software studio is Vrrb, which specializes in highly interactive content. These projects are not only labor-intensive and costly, but they also rely on high processing speeds. In other words, modern computers and smartphones.

Depending on your market, a high ticket website or app may not fit your best interests. This is good news for businesses with a lower project budget since a less expensive project usually means faster load times and better SEO scores.

Weberous, another LA-based software company, offers web design and marketing that looks great but takes a long time to load (based on their home page). Long load times can hurt your SEO score, so it’s important to find a software developer that can give you just what you need and nothing more.

A Scalable Future

Not all software companies offer the same comprehensive solutions. Some companies like Clap Creative are focused on web design and app development. While this is great for businesses with money to spend on marketing, it does not broaden the possibility of custom app development.

Let’s say you run a local pizza delivery business and you need software development services. With a web development company, you’re limited to an ordering app that works alongside your website. But what if you want to develop your own marketing metrics better?

Will a website and smartphone app give you the tools to harvest the data you need? Will you be able to find information about who your buyers are and when they want pizza? These are details that must be addressed. Finding a software developer that can build with multiple platforms in mind can help your business grow and adapt with the times.

Paying for Marketing

Some of the best software developers are overlooked on ranking lists because they aren’t as concerned with marketing as other companies are. Let’s be clear: ranking the merits of a software designer’s marketing efforts isn’t really ranking software development.

You can invest an infinite amount of money in marketing to drive more clicks and impressions. Even a lackluster website can perform well with enough money behind it.

Companies like Bop Design earn their credentials by helping high-profile businesses develop branding before pushing ad campaigns that get results. The catch? Their websites reportedly cost over twice as much as the usual market rate.

When working on software development, try to remember that services for a good website don’t have to include intensive marketing campaigns. Marketing is important, of course, but that doesn’t mean a software developer should be the one heading that task.

Keeping Software Simple

If you are considering a new software project, it can be easy to look at the luxury options that give your brand a sleeker, more advanced look. There’s nothing wrong with shooting for something that captures someone’s attention, but in design, less is more.

One LA-based company, Naked Development, opens its homepage with an embedded YouTube video. Features like this can seem appealing at the outset, but it doesn’t take long for them to feel irksome, similar to websites that play music as soon as you enter.

Other software developers rely on stunning animations and high-resolution images to make their impression. Unfortunately, those features rely on your device to do the brunt of the work, sort of like a virtual collect call on your system’s processor.

The better approach is to find a developer whose work meets their clients’ needs through elegant, simple design. The advantages of this kind of design philosophy include savings of time and money.

As you interview software developers, ask them about which kinds of features they like to use for each project. Their answers will give you insight into what they value in software and how it will pan out in your project.

Use What’s Already There

When you think of a great software developer, you probably envision someone who builds a complete functioning program from scratch. By using only code, they bring a vision to life. However, this isn’t entirely accurate.

One strategy that just doesn’t get enough credit is the use of existing software created by other developers. If this sounds like theft, don’t worry—these other developers wrote code specifically for this purpose.

An API—application programming interface—is code written so that other programs can use it. Think of it like a bowling alley that serves pizza from the restaurant next door. Both businesses are better off when they share their resources to better serve customers.

Any time your phone asks to use your location, camera, contacts, etc., that is an API working with existing technology to help an app work better.

By using APIs in your software, you can save money and time that would have to be spent developing these features from scratch. Plus, chances are high that these programs work better than what you would have developed on your own.

Give your users the best possible product by bringing together the best software out there. It may not win you any awards for ingenuity, but your clients will be much happier with the product you provide them.

Finding Software Developers That Do It All

A laptop on a nice tableAs mentioned earlier, the best way to find the top software development companies in Los Angeles is to plan ahead so you know what you want. Give yourself a few weeks to hunt down software you like, take notes on why you like it, and draft a more complete design you can bring with you to your interview.

A company like Goji Labs thinks ahead about how your website can become an app and how that app can be incorporated into internal software that drives growth and sales. It’s possible with the right developer, and it may not always show up on an “LA’s Best Software Developers” list.

From drafting your initial blueprint and on through deployment of your software, a good team will be able to walk you through the process, answer your questions, and correct mistakes along the way before they become more serious problems.

Ask your software developer to go over their development process with you before entering into any kind of contract. Consulting about what to do shouldn’t be a reason to bankrupt your project budget before it starts.

This interview can help you better understand your software needs and possibly change the way you approach your project. If nothing else, you may get a recommendation to find someone that is a better fit. It all starts by asking.

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