Jan 25, 2021 Written by David Barlev
Python Code

If you’ve been exploring app development, you may have asked yourself, “what is a Python app and why is it important?” As one of the newer programming languages, Python has rapidly become a popular method of building apps without breaking the bank. Because virtually all of its libraries and interpreters are available for free, it’s an exciting way to get into app development.

Many high-level programs use Python in their platforms, including Google, YouTube, and even NASA. Whether it’s for user experience or the processing of back-end data, Python is an excellent method for creating your next app.

Let’s take a look at what makes Python so important in modern app development.

Keep Your App Relevant

An iphone on a keyboardProgramming is an ever-evolving art that leaves even the most advanced apps in the dust of obsolescence just a few years later. It’s frustrating to build an expensive app only to have it become irrelevant shortly after, and it’s expensive to rebuild once the code no longer works with newer operating systems.

Python is different. It works on virtually all platforms and is considered “future proof.” Its elegant syntax makes it easy to review code and revise without too much headache. This programming language also works on virtually all device styles, making it accessible to programmers of any operating system background.

Libraries in Python are also already defined. With other languages, you are on the hook to provide your computer with variable definitions. With Python though, the library is already in place, meaning that code can go anywhere and weather any generational gap.

It’s Free!

Python is, at this point, on its third iteration. There are differences between old versions and what’s out there now, but the good news is that every version is free. The libraries are free, the interpreter is free, and there’s a huge ecosystem of experienced coders that can help with answers (also free).

This accessibility makes Python wildly popular among coders of all backgrounds. More and more apps are being produced this way, and that has resulted in more additions to the free libraries out there.

What is the advantage of a free library? It means certain tools are already built and available for you to use. There is no cost to include a function to access a file on someone’s device, for example. All you have to do is define which file—something that takes a lot less time to do.

Coding Is Fast

Probably the most attractive thing about Python is its ability to speed up the development process. It piggybacks on some of the most innovative programming technology to give users fast access to useful tools.

Python is known as a scripting language, meaning that its interpreter does a lot of the work on its own. A programmer enters commands rather than having to define all those commands. This is such a huge advantage compared to older languages that require coders to do all the defining work before writing the actual commands.

In fact, Python is so quick for programming that it is used in Rapid Application Development (RAD). Its simple language speeds up the time it takes to write out commands, and its interpreter allows you to run them immediately. This is a big difference from other platforms that required coders to import code into a different application.

Did we mention it’s free?

Make Better Software

That instant return from Python’s interpreter also provides another giant benefit: error detection. When a coder inputs bad code, running the program right away allows them to see that their addition is causing problems. Instead of running a whole program, coders can check their input in a more granular, manageable way.

As you probably guessed, this results in far fewer errors and bugs in the software. It saves time because coders don’t have to hunt through thousands of lines of code to find the error they just made. This also makes it a great method for beginners to learn coding—instant feedback.

Python’s library of free widgets and commands means coders spend less time in the trial and error phase of development, using tried and true code that works instead. Why reinvent the wheel when experienced developers have already built something you can use for free?

If you still have doubts about Python’s ability to deliver outstanding results, just consider that there is currently a Mars mission to collect soil where the robot doing the job is programmed with Python. You can get the same programming power for your own business apps.

So, Why Is Python App Important?

A laptop on a tableIn a way, Python is one of those offerings that eliminate the barriers of entry into programming. It can handle simple operations as well as it can handle complex ones. Plus, there are all kinds of free offerings out there to get you up to speed if you want to learn Python.

Because the interpreter and library are both totally free, there’s no risk to learn as much as you can and develop an understanding on your own. You have the chance to discover ways to build software that works for you.

One Python education book teaches new coders how to automate simple tasks without immersing them in deep operations. This programming language is currently in schools.

The whole landscape of programming is changing, and that means it will be easier and easier to find excellent developers who can help you make your software dreams a reality. Whether you want a data aggregator to forecast next year’s sales or you want to automate shipping costs to minimize busywork, Python could be the answer to your business’s custom software needs.

Finding the Right Developer for Your Next Project

Today, the need for coding acumen is no longer optional. There’s a whole wing of software ethics examining how software impacts the world around us, and that means that younger students of the craft will grow up knowing more about how to build better products.

If you have a project in the idea state and you’re trying to find the best way to bring it to life, Python may be the best way to make it happen quickly and cost-effectively.

During your interview stage, talk to your developer about their programming language of choice and how it would impact your project. Many times, just understanding a product will impact its planning.

Even with a lot of experience in programming, developers that don’t know your industry will have a hard time adjusting to its nuances. Try to find a team of experts that have built software like the kind you want to build. This will help to speed up the process and ensure you have the best possible product for your users.

Designing a Good Product

If your software is internal or a new tool for customers, planning is extremely important. No matter how good or smart the developer, a ship without a rudder will lead to disappointment. Make sure you run through the operations that your coder will have to build.

Start with use cases. These are important steps in walking through the user process and fully understand exactly what their experience will be. Many would-be great programs fail simply because their designers didn’t take certain elements into account, such as how users get from one page to another within an app.

By detailing exactly what you want in your program, you can avoid these simple mistakes that push users away and make your investment a cautionary tale.

Along with use cases, you should plan for the look and feel of your app. Wireframes are a great way to do this, as they make it easy to lay out each box and button exactly where you want it to go. Let’s be clear: a lack of planning here is common. Most people just don’t care, and they expect that their developer will handle it for them. This isn’t the case.

If you have a detailed plan for how your software looks and feels, you can get through the development process with your wallet (and sanity) intact. You may even be able to find a free template on one of Python’s libraries.

Why a Python App Matters for Your Software

By planning your software as much as possible, you can take full advantage of the ease of software development made possible by Python. Take the time to do it right and best of luck!

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