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What’s the App Inventor for Android and What’s It Mean for You?

Okay, so when it comes to talking about the App Inventor for Android, we’ll get the first question out of the way—how do you define it?

MIT App Inventor is a web application software created by Google and is now maintained by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

In short, it’s an online training program for students who want to learn how to build Android apps.

With that understood, let’s quickly tackle the second and most important:

What does an App Inventor for Android mean for you?

Now, it’s tempting to think “nothing, I’ve never heard of it” and dismiss it—and in that sentiment, you’d largely be right. It’s easy to assume the program isn’t relevant to fit your needs in building a truly effective, beautiful, and functional mobile app. 

However, if you’re searching for an App Inventor for Android, we’re willing to bet you’re at least in the market for quality Android app development—and hopefully not trying to build it on your own. 

If that’s the case, trust us, you’re in the right place.

So, let’s dive into the App Inventor for Android, why it’s only the tip of the iceberg, and where to turn next for true longterm solutions.

What is the App Inventor for Android?

A man holding an android phoneWe’d be remiss if we neglected to add a bit of color to our definition above, so here’s a closer look at App Inventor.

Although the platform itself can get a bit technical—MIT, right?—App Inventor, on its face, is a training platform for aspiring developers to practice building apps for Android and recently iOS. As a free and open-source software, App Inventor shares a dual-licensing with ShareAlike 3.0 and Apache License 2.0 for its source code.

To get even more technical, App Inventor uses a graphical user interface (GUI) that’s meant to replicate programming languages like StarLogo, allowing users to drag and drop visual objects to create applications. In general, this simplifies the process of app development to the extreme for easier learning.

Now, with that out of the way, let’s talk about what really matters to you: your business and organization.

And more importantly, how and where the right android app development can help.

How Does True Android App Development Work?

We understand not everyone is the super-technical type so we’ll spare you overly detailed technology that goes into android app development.

Let’s focus on the basics instead.

In short, true android app development requires a team of specialized developers and coders working together using a development framework—typically native development or hybrid depending on the projects.

Once your team has settled on a development strategy, they’ll work with you directly, scope out what’s needed in terms of technical capabilities and user-interface. They’ll then nail down every detail until it’s time to execute and ultimately launch.

Within a few months or longer, you’ll have a high-quality mobile app that’s form-fitted for your needs and business.

Okay, So Why Do I Need an Mobile App for My Business?

A man sitting at a deskFor starters, did you know that roughly 120 million people across the U.S. have Android phones? 

That means that more than a third of the country utilizes the Android app store (Google Play) when downloading programs for their device. And since phones don’t allow users to download applications from opposing digital stores (i.e. the Apple store), it means you’ve got a dedicated audience of 120 million people that have the potential to download your app.

In truth, a mobile app can work one of a few ways:

  • An extension of your business, brand, or organization (i.e. a helpful tool or resource)
  • A mobile representation of your website
  • An off-shoot subsidiary project (least likely)

Most mobile apps created by businesses and organizations will fall into the first category, meaning that the app itself is meant to provide some kind of utility for the user.

It’s this sense of utility that offers the promise of value to users, and in that value, you have the opportunity to hook a potential customer/client to your brand. In fact, it’s the reason why many apps are presented as free with an optional upper-tier subscriber service, sponsored ads, or upsells to maximize potential revenue or conversions.

In short, a mobile app—particularly in this day and age—isn’t just an optional opportunity for many organizations, it’s an inevitability. 

As much of the way users interface with brands, organizations, and companies has shifted in favor of mobile—with mobile traffic making up half of all Internet traffic—there’s a greater chance of missing out on prospective users by NOT creating a mobile app than the opposite.

Alright-Alright, How Do I Get Started Building My Mobile App?

A woman testing a mobile phone appGlad you asked.

As we’ve mentioned before, building a mobile app is hard, time consuming, and expensive

Which means that if you want the process to run smoothly, you’ll want to find a great web development company to work with. To find one, you’ll want to keep an eye out for a few non-negotiable qualities. 

Here’s a shortlist of what we think works best:

They’re Easy to Work With

We really can’t stress this one enough because the journey to build a successful mobile app can be a long one. As a result, you’ll have many conversations and meetings with your team. This means if you don’t get along, the project will feel interminable. 

So, when researching various design agencies, pay close attention to the connection you feel. It may save you headaches down the road.

They’re Not Too Busy 

If there’s one thing that will grind your gears in the development process, it’s feeling like a third wheel. When you choose a development firm that’s too big, or too busy, your project could end up on the backburner. This means missed deadlines, delayed launches, and poor communication.

 If you want to feel like the 5-star client you are, choose a firm that has the bandwidth to treat you like one.

And lastly… 

They’re Beyond Competent—They’re Specialists

There’s an old phrase that goes, “A jack of all trades but a master of one.”

It used to refer to a kind of person that could do a lot, but truly excelled at one thing. Nowadays, “one” has changed to “none” and it couldn’t be more true in terms of most typical development agencies.

As a result, it’d be better to find one that specializes on a few things in a few areas only. 

In this way, you’ll be limiting your search pool to only the most qualified firms.

So, What’s Next?

You build your next mobile app.

The appeal of mobile app development is undeniable these days, and only growing more convincing with time. If you want to maximize your visibility, outreach, and acquisition, you’ll need a quality development firm.

So, if you had your heart set on using App Inventor for Android, consider the case closed.

It’s time to level up.

If you’ve heard enough about App Inventor for Android, speak with a development firm.
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