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Which Web Development Services Do You Need for Your Business?

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When it’s time to try something new for growing your business, you might be wondering which web development services you need.

Since there are plenty of different ways to spend your business development dollars, it’s worth asking which kinds of services will best suit your needs.

Does your website need a redesign? Do you need better SEO targeting? Is your business ready to take on the app world? All these issues present scenarios where hiring a web developer is a good idea. First, though, you should ask which direction you want to go.

Should You Establish a Presence or Focus Your Marketing?

A laptop with filesIf there’s one question every business struggles with, it’s whether or not they should expand their marketing reach or convert more leads. Both are important, obviously, but which one your business needs will depend on its lifecycle.

Having a strong website is crucial, especially if you want to be accessible via search engines, APIs, and social media. Many platforms today don’t even bother making their products compatible with out-of-date websites, so it’s possible that a redesign would be the best use of your money. If your website is more than a few years old, it’s probably a good idea to look into spiffing it up.

On the other hand, your website could be totally up to date, and the right next step would be to make it more visible and enticing to current visitors. It may be time to consider building a custom business app or investing in bespoke software to give you new insights about how to increase your bottom line.

Since it helps to know which kinds of web development services are out there, we’ll spend this blog talking about them and how they can benefit your business.

Scaling Your Business Upward

A woman and man at laptopsFor businesses between 5-10 years old, one common problem arises from trying to carry an old site over to a new platform to accommodate modern web practices. Early on, small businesses find it tough to spend the money required to build a website that can grow alongside them. This results in poor sitemaps, bad written copy, faulty redirects, and other issues that search engines score negatively.

If search engines don’t like the look of your website, they won’t make it visible to people searching for your services. Take a good look at how your website performs in search rankings and in comparison to its competitors. Old websites have a tough time scaling with business growth because they just aren’t built for it.

A web developer can help you tackle this problem by taking a look at current best practices and comparing them to your website. They can give you tips about how to optimize and stay relevant.

You may want to investigate this on your own first. Is your website not getting the traffic it once did? Are people confused about what your business does? Have your sales hit a plateau? Find out as much as you can about the root cause, then bring it to your web developer to craft a solution.

Custom Business App Development

A man writing some kind of blueprintsScalability doesn’t just mean more clients, either. It can also mean the development of an app that can reach more people.

Technology is always changing, and unfortunately, that means you’ll always have to spend more to keep up with current trends. While custom business apps cost more, they also provide you with a unique opportunity—to be part of your customers’ daily lives.

You should consider web development services for a custom app if your website is dealing with lots of traffic. Seriously, lots of traffic. If you’re not getting thousands of visitors each month, an app probably isn’t worth the money.

A custom business app allows your brand to engage in new, innovative ways that drive more purchases and brand loyalty. You can provide solutions to customers by incorporating APIs and developing proprietary software that takes care of their problems.

A good web developer can help you understand where your vision fits into the existing app market and how you can distinguish your brand. While it’s important to plan your app out as much as possible beforehand, a developer will have in-depth knowledge and insights relevant to your project. Take advantage of the help.

Integration Development

One huge part of scalability and app development is integration. Back in the days of America Online, the internet was a hodgepodge of independent sites and services. Flash and Java allowed websites to produce their own content and use the visitor’s browser as a processor.

Those days are gone. Not only is everything today hosted on a server, but most of these services rely on other services to deliver their products.

Your website no longer benefits from offering unique content unless it is available to other devices. This means that integration is crucial to your website’s success. Make sure your site can communicate with other sites and programs so that it can work smoothly.

In the case of custom business apps, it’s important to utilize APIs as a way to save on development and deliver on usability for your site visitors. APIs can be intimidating, but the right web developer will have no problem using these services to help you offer a better product that more people can use.

Total Website Redesign

A laptop computer with charts on itWhen most people hear the word “redesign,” they think of rebranding, but this would be a mistake. A redesign is more concerned with fixing outdated functionality on a website to better reflect best practices. You don’t have to lie awake at night thinking up a new logo.

The internet doesn’t operate the way it did a decade ago. More than half of all web traffic today occurs via smartphone, and that means playing your favorite Beach Boys tune over the home page (unprompted) is no longer exciting or even enjoyable. It’s time to modernize.

With the right web development services, you’ll be able to capture your audience in new ways that keep them on your site longer. This helps to reduce bounce rate and increase your SEO score.

One example of good website redesign is fixing ADA-compliant alt text on photos so that visually impaired users can read your site. Another is to make the site responsive to various screen sizes so that it doesn’t matter which device people use to visit. You may even want to incorporate a chat window so that customers can ask questions in real-time.

Plus, remember that whole custom business app thing? A redesign makes it possible to tidy up your website so it’s compatible with an app should you choose to build one in the future.

If your site is more than three years old, it’s probably time for a redesign. Find an expert in web development services to learn more about how to approach giving your website a facelift.

Refining the Ways Users Interact with Your Site

Even the best websites can suffer from problems with user interactivity. When someone visits your site, they should have an easy route toward a buying decision. Otherwise, your website is a waste of money.

One problem with some outdated websites is their complicated flow toward the end goal. For example, if your website or app doesn’t have a Buy Now button in plain view on every page, it’s probably time to take a look at updating things.

A good web developer can go over your site’s usability to give you pointers about what it needs to make people stick around longer. Hopefully, they can even drive more sales.

Consider a UX/UI audit of your site. This can give you insights about where your visitors go, how and why they stick around, and why they leave. All these nuggets of wisdom will be crucial to your ability to strengthen your brand’s SEO score.

The more you know about how your site works, the better you can tailor it to fit the needs of its visitors, giving you a better web presence and (hopefully) more customers.

Which Web Developer Can Help?

There are a million web developers out there who specialize in specific tasks and services. The best way to secure good web development services is to find a team that can do it all. If you don’t have to worry about outsourcing each task to a different team, your product will have a more consistent, authentic feel.

Not all web developers are created equal. Some teams focus more on development than marketing and other vice versa. It’s important to find a team that knows a lot about both and how to craft the best solution for your needs.

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