Helping new grads find the right job with short-form video




UI, UX, Product Strategy,
Design System

Better matches between employees and new grads

Hiring recent grads is great for companies because they’re usually full of enthusiasm, energy, new skills, and a willingness to learn. But it’s not unusual for over 70% of entry-level employees to leave their jobs within two years. Our client’s research showed that it’s because of mismatched expectations and a lack of alignment with company values and culture.

Career Capture aims to break this cycle by giving employees and job seekers a more personal and interactive way to connect. Imagine being able to screen potential employers through their video job postings and company life videos, and letting them get to know you through a 60-second video pitch that shows off your personality, drive, and talent. It’s a game-changer!

Talent-forward multi-modal profiles

Our goal was to create a matching system that would help students prioritize their wish lists for ideal employers and then connect with employers that had those qualities and benefits. We figured students could create a multi-faceted profile with custom tags for their hard and soft skills, plus a video intro. To apply for jobs, they could submit a 60-second pitch along with a custom video specifically for the job they were interested in. We also made it easy for them to keep track of their applications with our simple application manager.

Serving employer needs

We not only wanted to help job seekers, but we also wanted to make it easy for employers to post job openings and review candidates. To make that happen, we did some research on how employers usually go about their hiring processes and designed an employer portal that was both efficient and in line with their branding. The portal included a tag system for employers to share details about their company culture and workplace perks, video diaries to give a behind-the-scenes look at the company, and a job posting portal with the option to upload a video. We also made sure the system had multi-user access and worked with applicant tracking systems (ATS).

Fun UI to keep it light

It was important for us to communicate a sense of fun and lightheartedness in our brand, so we made sure to infuse that into the user interface. We used a bright and bubbly design, along with a playful purple color scheme and some wacky alien imagery, to give our designs a tongue-in-cheek spirit. We wanted to make sure our brand conveyed a sense of whimsy and playfulness, and we hope our users will appreciate the lighthearted approach we took.

Delivering on expectations

We made sure to cover all the bases in the discovery and design process, including delivering the finished design files, a comprehensive design system with all the necessary components, and a high-fidelity file ready for development. We put a lot of effort into making sure every part of the process was top-notch, and it’s awesome to see the client happy with the final product. This project has the potential to shake up the job market, and we can’t wait to see it move into development.