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About Iowa League of Cities

The Iowa League of Cities serves as a pivotal organization dedicated to uniting municipal governments across Iowa. By providing advocacy, training, and guidance, the league empowers municipalities to navigate the complexities of governance and community development. Its mission is to foster a cooperative environment where cities can share knowledge, address common challenges, and collectively work towards enhancing the quality of life for their residents. With a commitment to promoting sustainable urban development and effective municipal administration, the Iowa League of Cities stands as a beacon for cities striving for excellence in governance and community service.

The Challenge

For two decades, the Iowa League of Cities relied on an aging legacy tool for managing its vast network of member municipalities, facilitating business connections, and promoting shared municipal and business goals. This outdated system increasingly became a bottleneck, hindering efficient member management, data accuracy, and the overall ability to support municipal collaborations effectively. Recognizing the critical need for a modern solution, the League sought a custom-built CRM application that could not only replace the existing system but also enhance functionality, streamline processes, and foster a more dynamic and productive interaction among its members and with businesses.

What We Built

In response to this pressing need, Goji Labs collaborated with the Iowa League of Cities and IMWCA to develop the “Iowa League HUB,” a bespoke CRM platform designed to revolutionize how the League operates and interacts with its members. This comprehensive web application encompasses advanced features for member management, data tracking, event planning, financial oversight, and subscription services. Beyond merely replacing the legacy system, the Iowa League HUB introduces a suite of tools tailored to the unique demands of municipal management and collaboration. Additionally, Goji Labs revitalized the online presence of both the Iowa League of Cities and IMWCA by redesigning their extensive content websites, making vital information about bids, regulations, and guidelines more accessible and user-friendly for members.

The Impact

The deployment of the Iowa League HUB has had a transformative effect on the operations of the Iowa League of Cities and its interaction with member municipalities. The custom CRM platform has streamlined administrative tasks, improved data management accuracy, and significantly boosted the efficiency of managing memberships, events, and financial transactions. It has also enabled a more effective connection between businesses and municipalities, fostering collaborations that drive mutual goals and community development. The revitalized content websites have become essential resources for members, enhancing access to critical information and supporting informed decision-making. This digital transformation has strengthened the Iowa League of Cities’ role as a leader in municipal support, paving the way for a more connected, informed, and engaged network of cities across Iowa