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Bring your vision to life through Goji’s strategy, design and software development services. Our team works with you to understand your goals and make waves in your vertical of choice. Launch and scale with us to successfully deliver a viable MVP to market fast by driving conversion through excellent user experience and feasible development.

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01 Discovery

Our UX discovery process helps build successful software by researching user needs and feasibility. We use various research methods and involve diverse stakeholders to inform design decisions.

02 Research

Through systematic study, our UX research phase uncovers valuable insights about target users and design opportunities. We use various methods to inform the design process and ensure a great user experience.

03 Define your MVP

Our MVP process helps assess key product metrics like app engagement, longevity, and lifetime value. We define the product’s purpose and flow, informing iterations and improvements for a successful final product.

04 Ideation

Our UX ideation process helps generate a wide range of potential design solutions through brainstorming and prototyping. By encouraging the generation of diverse ideas, we find design solutions that meets user needs.

05 Design, test, & improve

We create high-fidelity prototypes that look and function as closely as possible to the final product. We use these prototypes to test and validate design concepts.

06 Build & launch

Our development team turns designs into fully-built applications through careful code implementation and feature integration. We prioritize reliability, scalability, and maintainability to deliver a seamless user experience.

07 Analyze & iterate

We constantly enhance the product and user experience through careful analysis and iteration of our designs.

How Goji gets it done

Well rounded teams

We believe that great software comes from great teams. We build lean teams to create quick turnover on our projects.

Consistent progress

From ideation through design, development, testing and deployment – we work with you every step of the way.

Continuous improvement

We’re a small, distributed team that believes in continuous iteration to build the best version of your vision possible.

MVP focused

Our unique process will help you define your vision, prioritize the right features and build an MVP that delivers results.

“There’s no question that being a successful entrepreneur is hard. So, when we came to Goji Labs with the idea for our own digital startup, they were excited to help. Since then, we’ve been working together to build our site”

Scott Wayman
CEO and Founder, Kangarootime

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