XO helps friends share content when they are together. This engaging social app empowers users to create groups and share content with friends near and far. XO provides a fun and intuitive way to find out what is happening in one’s social scene, and even participate remotely.

The Overview

XO represented a new kind of social app that was simple, fun, intuitive, and encouraged participation both in-person and remotely with chat, video, and gamified elements. Goji Labs helped to develop a unique notification system for this cutting-edge social network that avoided the pitfalls of many of its competitors to create a brand new experience.

Developed with:      Ruby on Rails PostgreSQL



The Challenge

The founders of XO wanted to create a novel way to allow users to see which of their friends are hanging out together. When a group of connected users gets together, XO automatically creates an event at their location, which can be viewed by other friends. This native mobile app features chat, a group comments board, an image/video gallery (group story), and an interactive ‘Dare Camera’ game that increases the stakes at a party or gathering.


The Process & Tech

An orchestra of different technologies had to be conducted into place to power this complex piece of software and its engaging user experience. The server-side was built with Ruby on Rails and Postgres. We designed and implemented several algorithms to automatically create group events based on users’ locations, as well as to detect and build connections by syncing users’ contact lists during onboarding. A clever notification system was put in place to alert the user to any updates and new activity on their feed. We leveraged this push notification system to keep the feed up-to-date, in lieu of implementing a computationally expensive, battery-draining, always-on WebSocket connection.


The Outcome

We built an iOS application, using Swift, and a backend Ruby on Rails system with Postgres, which help create and enhance a physical social network enhanced by digital technology. XO is a social network free from the downsides of most digital-only social networks and encourages physical participation while allowing others to participate remotely in real-time.
Goji Labs became a member of our team by contributing creatively, not just technically. Their thoughtful input changed our product for the better.
Charlie Mason
Charlie Mason President & CTO

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