About Us

We are a boutique software and app development company working closely with our partners to craft beautiful, scalable custom software, and top-class digital products.


Launch Digital Projects to Propel Your Mission

Your next great business venture should never be held back by lacking technical execution. Let us handle the technical side of things while you focus on expanding your impact and realizing your mission in the digital space. we’ll be your technical co-founders, a natural extension of your team learning your operation inside and out. Using that understanding, we’ll tailor-make digital products that will drive success in your market.


Mobile App, Software, and Web Development

Goji Labs is a tight-knit crew of some of the finest product strategy, UX/UI design, and app development experts in the business. We’re here to help you demystify tech and neatly sidestep risk so you can achieve your goals on time and on budget. We’ll help you navigate strategy, branding, and how to tell your story. From concept to launched product, we’ll build it right the first time using the highest standards for your industry and the best practices of ours.


Our Extensive Industry Know-How

As a leading app development company, Goji Labs has assembled an expert team whose members have decades of experience in technical problem-solving, identifying pain points, streamlining workflows, and developing high-performing software applications that spark joy. We help set the standard for development practices, constantly refining and updating our knowledge, skills, and process to provide our clients with the best. Our experience includes a variety of web, mobile, and IoT technologies and frameworks, including Ruby On Rails, Golang, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, Swift, Kotlin, React Native, Flutter, and more across a myriad of verticals and platforms.


  • Adam Sumner
    Founder & CTO
  • David Barlev
    Founder & CEO
  • Sutasit Srivisarvacha
    Product Manager
  • Birgitte Hellsten
    Project Manager
  • Phil Davies
    UX / UI Designer
  • Dylan Stephenson
    UX / UI Designer
  • Lalit Srivisarvacha
    UX / UI Designer
  • Cameron Kennerly
    Content Director
  • Alex Vinichenko
    Full Stack Developer
  • Artur Motornyi
    Front End Developer
  • Ilya Konyukhov
    Full Stack Developer
  • Yuriy Berdnikov
    Senior iOS Developer
  • Vitaly Kovtun
    Back End Engineer
  • Aleksandr Oleksenko
    Web Developer
  • Iryna Lesyk
    Web Developer
  • Dmitry Bashkatov
    Web Developer
  • Oleksii Nedilko
    Front End Developer
  • Alina Stetsurina
    Test Engineer


How Goji Labs Came To Be

Co-founders David Barlev and Adam Sumner met freshmen year of college and have been close friends ever since. On a post-grad trip to Thailand, they began brainstorming ways they could make their mark on the world. After college, their paths diverged as they pursued software engineering careers in San Francisco and Tel-Aviv.

In 2014, life had brought David and Adam to Los Angeles, where an idea began to crystallize as they spoke to more and more people with amazing ideas for digital projects they had no way of building. Realizing they were uniquely equipped to fill this void, the two decided to make use of their passion for software and mobile app development and founded a studio: Goji Labs.

Why “Goji” Labs? Goji berries, which taste slightly sweet and slightly sour, are a delicious superfood. They’re fun, surprising, and good for you — just like us.

  • LA
  • NY


What is your goal?


Bring a new application to market


Grow an existing platform


Redesign and rebuild an app or website


Help! My project didn’t go as planned!