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FinTech App Development

So, what is a FinTech app?

A FinTech app (AKA, financial technology) is an application that combines new technology with financial services, allowing both B2B and B2C users more accessibility, flexibility, and mobility in their financial worlds. FinTech app development is the process of building these applications.

Some common examples of FinTech apps include applications for mobile banking, mobile payments, stock trading, and investment management.

What are FinTech App Development services?

FinTech app development services are the services provided to help founders or businesses create and innovate FinTech applications. At Goji Labs, these services can be full-stack—i.e., everything from discovery, product, and branding strategy to design, development, and testing—or follow a maintenance structure instead.

How much does developing a FinTech app cost?

The costs of custom FinTech app and web development vary depending on the complexity of the project. At Goji Labs, our projects typically cost anywhere from $25,000 – $500,000.

However, we always begin our process with an initial deep dive call
to fully comprehend and establish the full scope, budget, and timeline of your project.

Best Practices

Some FinTech software development best practices we follow:

  1. Establishing strong anti-money laundering (AML) policies and strictly adhering to AML standards.
  2. Creating a user-centered design that also abides by regulatory requirements of the CFPB that protects consumers (your users.)
  3. Staying up-to-date on digital-only banking, which is transforming the financial industry and will, likely, have some interactions with your product.
  4. Developing user trust—in what is a very sensitive industry—by demonstrating regulation compliance, strict privacy and security policies, and consistent branding, UX/UI design, and messaging.
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