Custom Software Development Services

Transform your Ideas into functional, beautiful software with our custom software development services, and build something truly awesome.

So, what is Custom Software Development?

Custom software development, in essence, is translating your users’ needs and your product’s functionalities into something a computer will understand. It entails designing, building, deploying, and maintaining software specific to your designated group of users, organizations, and functions. And, custom software development services are what we do—helping you create incredible software that’s precisely tailored to your use case and your users.

The Pros and Cons of Custom Software Development

There are plenty of pros and cons (benefits and costs) to custom software development. It takes time, effort, and capital to create everything you envision in your product. However, the finished results can be incredible and necessary solutions that users will love. 


  • Tailoring functionality and workflow to your specific set of users
  • Fostering product-market fit
  • Creating beautiful, relatable, and engaging designs
  • Increasing conversion rates throughout your app, website, or product
  • Boosting usability and value-add to users
  • Building a machine of organic marketing 
  • Precisely solving problems and meeting today’s demand
  • Overall, emotional experience with Overall, emotional experience with a product
  • Optimizing the experience of your useres interacting with computer systems – one (critical) facet of UX


  • Funding: generally around a minimum of $10,000. Prices vary depending on the complexity of design and functionality and generally fall in the range of $30K – $300K. But we can walk you through this during our initial deep dive call.
  • Effort and Time: this will be your project—especially with a one-time developer (rather than with experienced, long-term development partners.) That means it’ll be your determination that’ll propel its success  As opposed to custom software development, pre-packaged software carries less risk and efforts will be minimal. But so might be your product-market fit and returns.

Our Deliverables


The complete set of coded instructions and scripts developed during the phase, which forms the backbone of the software or application.

Web and mobile applications

A working product or software that demonstrates functionality and allows for testing and feedback or lasting impact in the marketing.

Technical documentation

Detailed documentation that includes code comments, API documentation, software architecture descriptions, and installation or configuration guides.

Test plan and

Comprehensive testing strategies, including unit tests, integration tests, and system tests, along with reports detailing the results and any identified bugs or issues.

Custom Software Development Services for SMBs

There are plenty of reasons why an SMB should choose custom software development: 

  • Automating your SMB’s unique processes and increasing operational efficiency.
  • Building tools that scale and adapt with you in the long-run, and that are tailored specifically to your users and their workflows.
  • Baking in the vital and specialized data management and security protocols you need into your internal operations.
  • Decreasing reliability on external, third-party products (and their customer support lines.)
  • Boosting marketing efforts by building brand reputation, authority, and engagement.
  • Staying competitive with primary, proprietary tools built for your unique needs in your larger industry.

And finally, the greatest reason of all: with custom software development for SMBs, you’re able to build essential internal tools (CRMS, ERPs, DMSs, etc.) that are customized precisely for your business’ needs and complexities, sometimes at a lesser cost of annual subscriptions or perpetual licenses of inflexible, off-the-shelf software

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Hundreds of startups, non-profits, and enterprises trust Goji to drive traction, foster user love, and deliver impactful business outcomes.

Product Design

Expertly blending aesthetics and functionality, our Product Design service transforms your vision into compelling digital experiences, ensuring every aspect resonates with your users.

Strategy Consulting & Auditing

Empower your business with our Strategy Consulting & Audits, offering deep market insights, strategic planning, and thorough evaluations to navigate and succeed in the competitive landscape.

Software & App Development

Our Software and App Development services are tailored to create robust, scalable, and innovative solutions, ensuring your digital product performs in the market for our users.

Product Marketing

Drive engagement and growth with our Product Marketing strategies, designed to amplify your product’s presence through effective messaging, targeted campaigns, and compelling content.

Custom Software Development Services Best Practices

At Goji Labs, we’re big believers in combining industry best practices with our robust custom software development methodology.

Some custom software development best practices we follow are: 

  • Extensive planning and strategy: to know exactly what your business’ needs are, and pinpoint exactly which problems, unique to your business, you’re trying to solve.
  • Use cases: to tailor our design and development processes precisely to your users.
  • Competitive research: to learn from and understand how your competitors might be solving similar problems.
  • Thorough UX Design process: to ensure the tools you build will make life easier for your stakeholders—not more difficult.
  • Building scalably and flexibly: to make your software something that your in-house teams can adjust and maintain as you scale.

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Our evaluative approach paves the way for robust scalability, efficiency, and future growth, ensuring your product is primed for success.