Product Strategy Consulting

Product Strategy is the process of aligning your product idea with your user demand, business model, and go-to-market strategy. It entails assessing your market and target personas and determining your technology platforms, product roadmaps, distribution channels.

product strategy consulting services

Product strategy for my B2B go-to-market strategy

B2B products, apps, and websites require a different take on go-to-market strategy than B2C products. Your B2B go-to-market strategy will be critical to new products, but also to entrances into new markets and relaunches—and it’s not going to be a one-size-fits all type of thing. 

It’ll also involve many of your teams, from pricing and distribution decision-makers to partnerships, product, product marketing, marketing, and customer support.

However, a successful B2B go-to-market strategy can increase your subscription attach rate and revenue, build brand awareness and reputation, boost your conversion rates, and improve traction and reduce churn.


MVP Scope and Feature Set

  • We help you strategize your highest value-add features for a fantastic MVP.

Implementation Timeline

  • We give you estimates and construct a timeline for development and launch.


  • We plan out your product roadmap to prime your project for success.

Product Specs

  • We define the product specifications for design and development.

How Goji Labs can help my business assess its product-market fit?

Goji Labs helps you prepare your product in a way that will maximize your product-market fit. We conduct extensive market and user research to validate that your product and its features precisely align with user needs and current demand. 

We establish that the market and verticals you’re entering are primed for your success, and we help you define the KPIs to measure your success—or inform further iterations.

Mobile App Development Project Plan

At Goji Labs, we have a robust methodology for planning, research, and strategy for our mobile app development projects. We religiously invest in planning to ensure we’re working towards solving the right problems, on the right timelines.

We start with a strategy and research phase, during which we get an in-depth understanding of your industry, user, and value proposition. We define the metrics and KPIs that guide our success. We establish our product and brand strategies based on extensive user research, usability testing, and competitive analysis. And we continually validate our assumptions.

From there we move on to UX design, and then visual design, to tailor your mobile app’s functionality, look, and feel to your users. We start with low-fidelity wireframes and deliver high-fidelity wireframes that encompass precisely what your app will look like and how it will function.

And finally—we reach mobile app development. In development, we use our robust findings, strategies, and high-fidelity wireframes to create exactly what you envisioned and what was agreed upon. We build the front- and back-end in parallel modules to ensure functionality and smooth development, and end with thorough testing. 

When is my product idea ready for app development?

Your product idea is ready for app development once you’ve done extensive market and user research and validated the demand and need for your app. 

You should also answer some basic questions for yourself, including:

  1. What are the business case and problem statement behind the value proposition of my app?
  2. What are the benefits of my app to my users?
  3. Who is my target audience?
  4. Does my app idea have effective marketing and distribution channels that are accessible to my target audience?
  5. Does my market analysis and predicted revenue justify development?

Once you have those answers—and they validate your assumptions—you can start connecting with experienced app development firms. They should help you inform your product strategy with your research and domain expertise, and add their own.

Check out what else we can do:

UX Auditing

We audit your UX to find its points of success and improvement.
heuristic evaluation • design review • design critique • benchmarking • usability testing
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UX/UI Design

We design beautiful and user-friendly apps and websites.
site mapping • info architecture • user persona, journey, story mapping • low-, high-fidelity wireframes • design system • branding • interactive prototypes • animation • responsive design
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UX Design Consulting

We mold your website or application with user-centered design.
design thinking workshops • usability testing • root problem analysis • user research
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UX Research

We find out exactly how to most effectively deliver your solution.
moderated, unmoderated usability tests• user interviews • persona research • card sorts • surveys • contextual inquiries • secondary research • stakeholder interviews • data analysis
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Android App Development

We develop beautiful, user-tailored Android Apps.
product strategy • UX research • UX/UI design • Kotlin development • Java development • backend development • dashboard development • Play Store submission • automated testing • dev-ops
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Custom Software Development

We build custom software precisely for your needs.
product strategy • code review & audit • technical consulting • frontend development • backend development • automated testing • dev-ops • Ruby on Rails development • Golang development • Node.js development • React.JS development
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iOS App Development

We craft iOS Apps tailor-made for your users.
UX research • UX/UI design • Swift development • backend development • dashboard development • App Store submission • automated testing • dev-ops
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Mobile App Development

We build mobile apps that drive impact.
product strategy • UX research • UX/UI design • iOS development • Android development • cross-platform development • backend development • dashboard development • Play Store submission • App Store submission • automated testing • dev-ops
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Web Development

We create maintainable websites that you can adjust as you grow.
product strategy • UX research • UX/UI design • Wordpress development • CMS configuration • Php development • custom plug-in development • web hosting & operations
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Native App Development

We develop user-centered Native Apps for all use cases.
product strategy • UX research • UX/UI design • iOS development • Android development • cross-platform development • backend development • dashboard development • Play Store submission • App Store submission • automated testing • dev-ops
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