Design Skills Mastery Rubric –
Unlock Your Team’s Potential

Dive deep into our exclusive Product Design Evaluation Rubric.
Evaluate, nurture, and amplify your team’s skills at every level.

Skill Clarity

Decode designer proficiencies at every level.

Growth Blueprint

Tailor training and mentorship effectively.

Team Harmony

Align designer aspirations and company goals.

Here’s a shocking statistic…

59% of employees

👆 don’t believe that their organizations are fully ready or very ready to meet their leadership requirements, while 80% of respondents rated leadership a high priority for their organizations, according to Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends survey.

Why Use This Rubric?

level Evaluation

We’ve distilled the essence of a designer’s journey. From Designer I to Lead Designer, we’ve got all the levels covered. Understand where each member stands and where they can shine.

Diverse Skillset

Our rubric doesn’t just focus on technical proficiency. We dive deep into Visual Design, Experience Design, Research, Strategy, Management, Soft Skills, and Initiative & Execution.

For Ease

Receive both a visual template for easy team discussions with a high level overview, and a detailed criteria breakdown in an Excel document to pinpoint evaluation criteria for each level and simplify your assessment process.

Unlock True Design Team Excellence

Harnessing the power of our Product Design Evaluation Rubric, you’re not just assessing skills but laying down a roadmap for unparalleled growth and innovation. From providing crystal clear insights into each designer’s strengths and areas for development to facilitating strategic hiring decisions, this tool is your gateway to fostering a harmonious and highly skilled design team.

Empower Your Team

By identifying the strengths and areas of improvement, you’ll be able to offer the right resources, courses, and mentorship opportunities to your designers.

Boost Productivity & Morale

When designers are aware of their skill levels and growth opportunities, they’re more likely to be engaged, motivated, and productive.

Strategic Hiring & Training

Use our rubric as a reference for hiring new talents and training existing members. Ensure that you have a balanced and skilled team ready to take on any challenge.

What you get

This Designer Evaluation Rubric is your chance to seamlessly align team capabilities, foster growth, and distill a foundation for design excellence.


Skill evaluations


Product designer levels


Growth pathways


Unifying strategy

Table Rubric

Break down design levels and criteria for each skill to ensure a transparent and structured approach to designer evaluations, facilitating objective feedback and targeted professional development.

Visual Graph Template

Map out your team’s current capabilities, highlighting areas of strength and opportunities for growth in a clear, concise manner.

Growth Pathways

Suggested to build your team and steer your designers in the right direction, ensuring both individual fulfillment and collective design excellence.

Bonus webinar

Secure your spot in our exclusive one-hour webinar and unlock the secrets to effectively utilizing these files with your team. Transform your approach and amplify your team’s potential!

How everyone else does it

  • Ambiguous criteria leading to subjective evaluations
  • Inconsistent feedback lacking actionable insights
  • Overlooks essential soft skills and intangibles
  • Stagnant growth paths with limited upskilling opportunities
  • High turnover due to misunderstood and undervalued designers

How we do it

  • Clear-cut design levels defining precise expertise stages
  • Emphasis on both technical prowess and interpersonal strengths
  • Structured growth plans tailored for each design level
  • Cultivated trust and alignment leading to increased team retention and satisfaction.


of employees trust strangers
over their own boss

The same study highlighted the importance of regular feedback and recognition in establishing trust.

Harvard Business Review


of U.S. workers are
engaged in their work

When employees believe that their unique skills and contributions
are acknowledged, they’re more likely to be engaged.

Gallup’s State of the American Workplace report


of employees engagement is linked directly to their Manager

The research suggests that the manager’s behavior, leadership style, communication, and feedback, influence either positively or negatively.

Gallup’s State of the American Workplace report


Empower, Align, Excel

A robust evaluation template for any design manager, individual, or team.


  • Objective Evaluation Offers a standardized assessment method, eliminating ambiguity and bias in evaluations.
  • Growth Blueprint and Skill Development Provides clear guidelines and expectations for each design level, and pinpoints strengths and areas of improvement.
  • Efficient Team Structuring Facilitates informed decision-making for team formations, project allocations, and hiring.
  • Enhanced Communication Promotes open dialogue between managers and designers, ensuring alignment in goals and expectations.
  • Holistic Evaluation Covers not just technical skills but also soft skills, ensuring a well-rounded eval.


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