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what we’ve built.

We think our work speaks for itself (although our partners have said some nice things, too.)

With hundreds of successful deployments under our belt(s), we’ve helped many organizations—
start-ups, corporate, and nonprofit, alike—scale beautifully and propel their missions successfully.

How we designed the world’s first sports stock exchange.

PredictionStrike came to us to design and build PredictionStrike “2.0.” We provided UI/UX design, information architecture, site mapping, responsive design, and front-end development.


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MindShift Recovery Logo
An inclusive non-profit addiction recovery experience

Learn how we built upon an evidence-based recovery approach

MedsPal Logo
Increasing access to life-saving medicines

How we redesigned a medications database to make the information more immediate and useful

GBix Logo
Streamlining and simplifying alternative assets for the masses.

Our journey to creating a unified platform for all alternative online investments

Educated Choices Program Logo
Updating a learning platform for healthy, sustainable eating

Learn more about how we amplified a non-profit’s ability to reach a wider audience with ease and flexibility.

huupe Logo
An innovative smart basketball hoop is nothing but net

Learn how we revolutionized the way players interact with the game of basketball.

Gitcha Logo
Designing the first demand-based real estate marketplace

Discover how we built a refreshing property search experience by bridging the gap between property seekers and owners.

Building an app that helps form real-life connections

A quest to restore meaningful connections in the digital age.

Jugo Logo
Enhancing organic collaboration in Jugo’s virtual 3D environments

Learn how we helped Jugo bridge the gap between virtual and physical communication in a 3D virtual workspace.

Truconnect Logo
Creating a comfortable enrollment experience for users in need

We took on the challenge of making TruConnect’s services more accessible and user-friendly for everyone. See how we helped TruConnect serve the underserved.

AngelFire Logo
Designing a socially immersive sports gaming experience

AngelFire is the go-to destination for sports enthusiasts looking to connect and experience the thrill of the game in a new and innovative way.

Culdesac Logo
Making online sports debates interactive and fun again

How we redesigned a messaging board for sports enthusiasts to make the experience feel immediate and fun

conMet Logo
Creating a better tool to improve vehicle operator safety

Learn how we created a mobile experience to aid operators in viewing real-time vehicle maintenance data.

pocket Logo
How we designed and built the future of real estate transactions

Buying and selling a home shouldn’t be as difficult as it is today. See how pocket helps buyers and sellers cut through red tape and make informed decisions.

Sparking community among former competitive athletes

Adjusting to post-graduate life can be tough for collegiate athletes. ADAK aims to

TGS Logo
Revitalizing an established brand in energy data & intelligence

How we helped a growing company realign their user experience with their business goals

nb44 Logo
Luxury made accessible from the comfort of your home

Luxury fashion redefined. See how NB44 shifted luxury fashion trends to the online space through their mobile application.

Career Capture Logo
Innovating the job search with a more personal and interactive way to connect.

How we helping new grads find the right job with short-form video.

Mammoth Rock Logo
Creating paths to financial freedom and stability

How we helped a financial institution establish trust and confidence with customers

kaption this! app development
A social gaming app that combines the joy of memes with the sharp wit of Cards Against Humanity.

Key Services: UX/UI Research, UX/UI Design, User Flow Mapping, Information Architecture, Usability Testing, Web Design, Responsive Design

xo logo app development
A social app that empowers users to create groups and share content with friends near and far.

Key Services: Product Consulting, UI/UX Design, System Architecture, Web Development, Mobile Development, Dev-Ops

DayPoint Logo
A lifestyle app that helps users understand how their time is spent, so they can make better decisions and live more meaningful, conscious lives.

Key Services: Product Consulting, UI/UX Design, System Architecture, Web Development, Mobile Development, Dev-Ops

boon app development
A game-changing recruiting solution that enables companies to source the best candidates by leveraging their employee networks.

Key Services: Product Consulting, System Architecture, Web Development, Mobile Development, Dev-Ops

the kitchen table app logo app development
A social app that helps hosts and guests build meaningful connections through intimate, shared dining experiences.

Key Services: Product Consulting, System Architecture, Web Development, Mobile Development, Dev-Ops

goji labs partner digital medical
An IoT, SaaS platform that streamlines inventory management and tracking of hospital equipment.

Key Services: UX/UI Research, UX/UI Design, User Flow Mapping, Information Architecture, Usability Testing, Web Design, Responsive Design

Distro Pro Logo
Streamlining the management of television and film productions.

Key Services: Product Consulting, UI/UX Design, System Architecture, Web Development, Dev-Ops

Recco Logo
Providing consumers with a trustworthy buying experience and brands with organic marketing.

Key Services: UX Research, Mapping, Info Architecture, UX/UI Design, Usability & Concept Testing, Web & App Design, Interactive Prototypes

Wayfarer Logo
Interactive digital car tours to help travelers along their journey

How we redesigned a mobile navigation experience to enhance self-guided car tours for intrepid travellers.

ChangeFi Logo
A banking application with the social-driven mission to eliminate the wealth gap.

Key Services: UX/UI Design, Design Systems, Information Architecture, Back- and Front-end Development, App Design (iOS and Android)

healthpod Logo
A tool that enables frictionless communication between FQHC professionals.

Key Services: UX Research, Product Strategy, Info Architecture, UX/UI/Brand Design, Interactive Prototypes, Web Design, Responsive Design

Root Logo
‘Drive’ engagement & behavior change through safe-driving gamification

Learn how we turned monitoring and tracking driving data (telematics) into a gamified experience

Haystack Logo
Breathing new life into an online dating game show

Learn how we helped transform Haystack, the dating game show app, into a captivating and immersive experience that users couldn’t resist.

An organization that keeps its members safe and protected with education and risk management.

Key Services: UX Research, Info Architecture, UX/UI Design, Frontend & WordPress Development, Web Design, Responsive Design

Hard Assets Alliance Logo
An online marketplace that allows investors to easily buy, receive and store precious metals.

Key Services: UX/UI Research, UX/UI Design, User Flow Mapping, Information Architecture, Usability Testing, Web Design, Responsive Design

Playmaker Logo
Translating the complex logic behind an NFT-powered basketball simulator into a user-friendly experience

Bringing online sport manager games into 
the web3 space.

Iowa League Hub Logo
Transforming Civic Engagement with Digital Solutions

A custom-built CRM application that could not only replace the existing system but also enhance functionality, streamline processes, and foster more productive interactions among its members.

Kabata Logo
How we redesigned the companion app for the world’s first Smart Dumbbell.

A fresh, IoT take on weight lifting.

The Word Logo
Bringing a Legacy Catholic Magazine into the modern digital realm

How we revolutionized the spiritual online 
reading experience.

Empowering Homeless Youth

Youth On Their Own (YOTO) is a non-profit organization with a critical mission: to support homeless high school students in their journey to graduation.

Reasons to Believe Logo
Reasons Renewed: Forging a Future of Generous Giving

How we transformed 100,000 pieces of content and media housed in a custom legacy system to foster a platform that resonates with its users.

Mindr Logo
How We Revolutionized DEI Programs for Fortune 500 Companies

By focusing on strategic DEI programs, Mindr Global not only advocates for inclusivity but also ensures that it becomes a tangible reality in the corporate sphere.

Providing a support network for parents navigating the complexities of Down syndrome

Learn how we built a platform that offers a safer space for parents to connect without the obstacles present in traditional social media groups.

Fitness Pact Logo
Promoting fitness goal accountability within a niche and playful community.

Fitness Pact is a social app that provides everyday people with the incentives and tools to meet their fitness goals, whatever they may be.

WWF Logo
An international nonprofit working to save our planet’s species and habitats.

With a significant reliance on personal donations and legacies, the WWF recognized the critical role of an intuitive and functional website in driving continued growth.

What our partners are saying:

“Goji Labs is one of the best development houses in the nation, if not the world.”
Scott Wayman
CEO and Founder
“Goji Labs has done an exceptional job at building our products and getting them to where they need to be today. Their knowledge, timeliness, and thoroughness set them apart.”
Matthew Nicholson
“Goji was very professional. I never came to a meeting doubting whether or not they would be prepared for it.”
Alex Daley
Hard Assets Alliance
“The most impressive thing is the overall level of care. They are extremely thoughtful and mindful and excel in risk mitigation.”
Kelly Browne
CEO and Founder
Kitchen Table
“Goji Labs ensures on-time delivery. The team’s passion and seamless service distinguish them from competitors. Excellent UX design and detailed builds create value for end-users.”
Christopher Leach
Kaption This!
“I truly value Goji’s approach and the collaborative working relationship we have.”
Dakota Younger
“Goji Labs had a major role in getting my product to the final stages. Their transparency and technical know-how make them a valuable partner.”
distro pro
Karolina Johansson
Distro Pro
“The product experience, the timing, and the price were impressive. They continuously exceeded expectations.”
Matt Walker
CEO and Founder
“Goji Labs became a member of our team by contributing creatively, not just technically. Their thoughtful input changed our product for the better.”
Charlie Mason
President & CTO
“Goji Labs was instrumental in scaling and improving…They helped expand the product offering through great design thinking and implementation.”
Jane Patterson, Ed.D.
Core Innovate