How we redesigned the companion app for the world’s first Smart Dumbell




UX Audit, Product Strategy, UX Design

Client background and timeline

When Kabata brought us their visionary smart dumbbell concept and an existing app prototype, we recognized the potential for a game-changing fitness experience. They sought a design audit, supported by extensive secondary research, initiating a collaborative journey towards an elevated user experience. Together, we set out to seamlessly integrate their cutting-edge hardware with an intuitive, engaging digital interface.

Through secondary research and strategic planning, we pinpointed crucial areas for improvement and crafted a comprehensive roadmap of actionable recommendations. This roadmap, tailored to Kabata’s timeline and milestones, ensured a clear path forward for their vision. This case study delves into the strategic steps taken not only to meet Kabata’s initial requests, but to surpass them by initiating a phased out, user-friendly, delightfully engaging fitness solution.

Design audit and competitive analysis

Initially, our engagement with Kabata was structured around a focused scope. We set out to conduct a comprehensive competitor analysis, providing valuable insights into industry trends and best practices. This was coupled with a rigorous user experience design audit, meticulously aligned with established user heuristics, to identify areas for enhancement. In dissecting Kabata’s industry landscape, we honed in on key competitors, seeking not only to understand their offerings, but to uncover distinctive insights.

We set out to introduce a user-centric approach that empowers individuals to curate routines tailored to their unique needs and preferences. This personalized touch not only addresses the issue of choice overload, but also fosters a deeper sense of engagement and ownership in one’s fitness journey. Moreover, we identified a golden opportunity to extend the app’s utility beyond the confines of the smart dumbbells, seamlessly integrating it into users’ daily routines. This holistic approach ensures that Kabata’s innovation becomes an indispensable companion, enhancing not only workouts, but overall well-being.

Recommendations and phasing features

As our collaboration unfolded and the potential for synergy became evident, we found opportunities to extend our support beyond the initial sprint of secondary research and recommendations based on a design audit. With a wealth of insights in hand, we methodically assessed and prioritized our actionable recommendations, aligning them with the core value they promised to deliver to Kabata’s app. This process allowed us to distill a comprehensive plan into three distinct sprints, strategically sequenced to maximize impact.

Each sprint was meticulously designed to apply our design enhancements in the most effective manner, propelling Kabata towards their critical milestones. This included a focused effort on the timely release of a physical prototype, a pivotal moment in their journey. Additionally, we ensured that our recommendations catered to the unique needs and expectations of shareholders, guaranteeing alignment between the app’s evolution and the overarching goals of the company. This roadmap not only provided a clear path forward, but also demonstrated our commitment to facilitating Kabata’s success in every aspect of their venture.

Redesigning UI with recommendations in mind

Initially, Kabata’s engagement was focused on a competitor analysis and a design audit of their existing app. However, upon witnessing the depth of insights and potential improvements we uncovered, Kabata was thoroughly impressed. Recognizing the value of our recommendations, they not only extended our engagement but also granted us the green light to kickstart the first sprint outlined in their customized roadmap. This meant rolling up our sleeves and working hand-in-hand with their team to conceptualize, design, and implement the pivotal features and strategies outlined.

By fostering a collaborative environment, we ensured that Kabata’s vision was not only understood but enriched by our expertise. Together, we tackled the challenges of this first sprint, laying a robust foundation for the app’s evolution. This hands-on approach exemplifies our dedication to not just providing recommendations, but actively contributing to the tangible progress and success of Kabata’s innovative venture.

Kabata Hero and decision to narrow focus

In close collaboration with the Kabata team’s talented developers and product designer, we embarked on a journey of iterative refinement. Together, we focused on implementing a series of feature revisions, strategically aimed at enhancing the app’s active workout interface, routine builder, and workout discovery methods.

By fine-tuning these critical components, we aimed to provide users with a seamless, intuitive experience that empowers them to craft personalized fitness routines effortlessly. Moreover, we delved into the realm of data visualization, creating a framework that offers users actionable insights at any stage of their fitness journey. This collaborative effort not only propelled the app’s functionality to new heights, but also reinforced our commitment to delivering a transformative fitness experience for Kabata’s users.

What next?

In a series of whirlwind week long sprints, our collaboration with the Kabata team yielded transformative results. Together, we tackled pivotal design revisions, ensuring the app’s active workout interface, routine builder, and discovery methods exceeded expectations. With a keen focus on data visualization, we empowered users with actionable insights at every step of their fitness journey.

As we wrapped up this dynamic phase, we meticulously documented our designs, equipping Kabata with a comprehensive toolkit for the journey ahead. With a clear roadmap and a solid foundation in place, we’re confident that Kabata is poised for success in the remainder of their timeline. This partnership stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and user-centric design in propelling the future of fitness technology. We look forward to witnessing the continued evolution of Kabata’s groundbreaking venture.