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HealthTech App Development Services

What is HealthTech App Development?

HealthTech app development (AKA E-Health, Digital Health, Telemedicine, or Mobile Health) is the process of developing applications to do with medicine and the processes behind the healthcare system.

There are many applications of technology in healthcare; everything from facilitating patient care and tracking and providing treatment to streamlining medical organizations functions and giving access to patient-provider communication.

The Benefits of Custom Healthcare Software Development

There are many benefits to custom healthcare software development. For one, your organization owns the license and product. This means no massive annual or perpetual licensing costs, no third-party dependencies, and no listening to elevator music for hours as you call customer support during glitches or system outages. 

Additionally, custom healthcare software is just that—custom. That means it’s tailored precisely to the needs and processes of the user and organization; a far cry from the inflexible, off-the-shelf solutions that are available, and whose workflows might actually hinder—and not streamline—processes. 

Finally, adapting and learning the system can be much easier, given that it’s made exactly for your organization. System-adaptation burn-out is at an all-time high for healthcare providers, and by creating your custom healthcare software, your users will find it more intuitive and user-friendly because it’ll be made for them.  

HealthTech App Development vs.
HealthTech Web Development

HealthTech App Development

Healthcare app development is developing mobile applications for users—both patients and providers—to communicate, track progress, and provide treatment.

HealthTech Web Development 

Healthcare web development can also provide complex technical infrastructure for hospitals and clinics to assess and maintain patient records, track expenses, and manage employees, resources, and equipment. 

Goji Labs’
HealthTech Software Development Services

A healthcare organization should opt for software development services because they then can have a lot more control over the process of development and the product they receive. 

This means dictating the features and workflow, creating a product that is exactly right for them, and streamlining their processes via a solution that is tailored to the users that they know up close and personally.

Examples of HealthTech App Development

Examples of HealthTech Apps:

  1. Chronic Disease Management
  2. Telemedicine or Health Information Management Apps
  3. Medical Device Apps 
  4. Patient Management Tools (EHRs/EMRs)
  5. Remote Patient Monitoring Apps (RPM)
  6. Medical Resource Information Apps

Check out our case study on our HealthTech app, HealthPod.

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