SaaS Platform Development

We’ve developed scalable web, IoT, and mobile SaaS applications that serve a wide range of clients, from early-stage startups to Fortune 500 enterprises. Let’s build yours.
SaaS Platform Web Development

What is SaaS Platform Web Development?

SaaS platform web development is the process of creating web-based applications for Software-as-a-Service tools used by businesses, organizations, and consumers over the Internet. 

SaaS tools and their data are hosted in servers, rather than locally on the user’s device. These tools are generally built-in Python, SQL, PHP, and Ruby programming languages. 

And, SaaS platform web development involves creating a beautiful UX on the frontend, with a meticulously built backend for facilitators to update, host, and control.

What is SaaS Platform Mobile Development

SaaS platform mobile app development is creating software-as-a-service tools that serve users over the Internet—and especially, on their mobile devices. These apps serve businesses, organizations, and consumers alike, and provide mobility and far-reaching accessibility more than web-based SaaS platforms.

How much does SaaS Software Development Cost?

Costs of SaaS Software development range significantly depending on the complexity of the tool. At Goji Labs, our typical projects range from $25,000 – $500,000. We generally operate in two modes: 

  • Sprint Mode: based on a weekly rate, and entailing the full development process, from discovery to design, development, and testing
  • Maintenance Mode: which is based on a retainer of a certain number of hours, and entails maintenance and upkeep of software and applications.

We always begin with an initial deep dive call to understand and determine the full scope, budget, and timeline of your project.

SaaS Platform Development Best Practices

Essential SaaS platform development best practices include:

  1. Availability and portability, to maximize uptime and reliability, and optimize for applicability on any device that’s relevant to your users (desktop, mobile, etc.)
  2. Security and regulation compliance, in a time where keeping your business and consumer users safe is absolutely critical.
  3. Multithreading in B2B SaaS platforms, given that the businesses your product serves will probably have many users executing actions simultaneously.
  4. Incredible CX, complete with beautiful and easy-to-use UX, Single Sign-On (SSO), stellar onboarding and documentation, and the ability for users to customize your app per their needs. 
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