Social Media App Development

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Social Media App Development

What is Social Media App Development?

Social media app development is the process of ideating, designing, and building social media apps. Social media apps are web-based apps that provide networks through which users connect, and share information and visual content. 

Common examples of social media apps include social networking apps and community-building apps. Basically, any app that allows for the instantaneous connection of people—be it through profiles, chat and messaging, or forums.

How do I create a Custom Social Media App?

Developing a custom social media app should generally follow this process:

  1. Discovery and Strategy: to test any assumptions and validate the concept. This stage includes: market and competitive analysis; SWOT analysis; product, go-to-market, and branding strategy; and user interviews and surveys (structured and unstructured.)
  2. Design: to tailor UX/UI precisely to the target audience and to guide development with crystal-clear specs. This stage includes: low-fidelity wireframes; information architecture; high-fidelity wireframes; prototyping; and usability testing (moderated and unmoderated.)
  3. Development: during which the backend and frontend of the custom social media app are built.
  4. QA testing: to ensure the social media app runs perfectly before launch.

How much does Social Media App Development cost?

The costs of developing a social media app range depending on the complexity of the app. However, at Goji Labs, our projects typically range between $25,000 – $500,000. 

We always begin our projects by conducting an initial deep dive call with stakeholders, to establish the full scope, budget, and timeline of your project.

Social Media App Best Practices

Some best practices of social media app development that we follow are:

  • Conducting wildly thorough and data-driven concept validation before entering what is a pretty crowded market.
  • Designing and prototyping to an extremely precise degree. This is to conduct usability testing that can inform iterations and make the app as tailored and user-centric as possible.
  • Establishing the essential branding and go-to-market strategies that will best fit your market and product—early on.
  • Building in high-quality syntax and in a parallel, module-based system, and testing early and often—therefore, ensuring smooth functionality and performance. 
  • Crafting beautiful UX/UI designs to enhance the user experience, increase word-of-mouth referrals, and create an organic marketing mechanism.

Check out our case study on the beautiful and popular social media app, Kitchen Table.

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