Native App Development

Native app development is the process of developing an application for a single, particular platform.

What is Native App Development?

Native app development is the process of developing an application for a single, particular platform. This app would be built with the programming languages and tools that are specific for to the platform—i.e., Swift for iOS app development. Because these apps are so specialized towards a particular platform, they generally have exceptional UX and visual design. 

What is the cost of Native App Development?

The costs of native app development are vary depending on the project scope and complexity. However, the cost of native app development projects of Goji Labs typically ranges between $25,000 – $500,000. To fully understand the scope, budget, and timeline of your project, we always conduct an initial deep dive call. 

Note: we highly recommend investing in a high-quality MVP that’ll serve as a scalable and sustainable foundation for future iterations. One that’s built with a, perhaps, pared-down feature list, but that’ll gain traction that will fund future development and additional features. 

Creating an excellent MVP will entail investing in an experienced, transparent, long-term development partner who will help you with product strategy; a technical team that will prime it for future success, rather than build a shoddy, initial prototype that will neither gain traction nor be a foundation for future iterations.

Our Deliverables


The complete set of coded instructions and scripts developed during the phase, which forms the backbone of the software or application.

Web and mobile applications

A working product or software that demonstrates functionality and allows for testing and feedback or lasting impact in the marketing.

Technical documentation

Detailed documentation that includes code comments, API documentation, software architecture descriptions, and installation or configuration guides.

Test plan and

Comprehensive testing strategies, including unit tests, integration tests, and system tests, along with reports detailing the results and any identified bugs or issues.

How long does it take to develop a Native app?

The process for native app development generally takes between 3 weeks to 5 months—depending on the app’s scope and complexity.

At Goji Labs, we structure Native App Development like this:

Discovery, 1 – 2 weeks: Evaluating your app and product idea, business goals, competitive landscape, and end-users; creating a robust product and business strategy; conducting an in-depth Discovery Workshop (2 – 8 hours) with stakeholders.

Design, 1 – 8 weeks: Using a user-centered design process that starts with brand discovery meetings, user research, and interviews, and ends with high-fidelity prototypes, design, and usability testing.

Development, 1 – 16 weeks: Building pages from specs and designs with parallel development of the front- and back-end, by modules; weekly check-ins to keep you updated on progress and receive your screen-by-screen and functionality feedback.

QA Testing, 1 – 2 weeks: Thorough quality and functionality testing to make sure your Native app performs precisely the way you envisioned.

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How do I set up my native app on the App Store & Google Play Store?

Setting up your Native app on the App Store and Google Play Store involves steps that are specialized to each platform. 

App Store: 

  1. Registering as an Apple Developer on the Apple Developer Website
  2. Setting up your profile, certifications, IDs, and Devices
  3. Logging into iTunes Connect 
  4. Submitting your application for Apple’s review
  5. Deploying and Distributing your app on the Apple App Store

Google Play Store:

  1. Registering with the Google Play consult as a developer account 
  2. Initiating an application and creating an App Store listing
  3. Uploading your Native app and rating your content
  4. Establishing your pricing and distribution
  5. Launching your app

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How do I promote my native app?

  • Invest in ASO, enable app store reviews, and include beautiful app screenshots in your app store listing that showcase your app’s functionality and design
  • Leverage social media and social media influencers to reach potential users through the right channels
  • Test and tailor various pricing and distribution strategies to user segments (freemium, paid, and trial versions)