World Wildlife Fund

The World Wildlife Fund is an international nonprofit working to save our planet’s species and habitats.

World Wildlife Fund
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Image of WWF Digital Marketing Manager Vanessa Turpin
“We’ve seen a lot more traffic
coming to since the redesign,….and our conversion rate on our donor forms is up.”

Vanessa Turpin
Senior Manager, Digital Marketing

About World Wildlife Fund

The World Wildlife Fund has been the world’s leading conservation organization for over 60 years. Their unique approach to community-first conservation focuses on building markets, policies, and cultures around a sustainable future.

Unlike many nonprofits, which rely on grants, the WWF gets a majority of their funding from personal donors and legacies. This means that their website’s ease-of-use and functionality are crucial to continued growth.

Product Goals

  • Increase donations
  • Enable easy future content adjustments
  • Fix frontent web development and responsivity errors

The Process

Building a donation funnel that converts: We improved the donation funnel by both eliminating unnecessary distractions and allowing for personalized donation options.

Creating Responsive Solutions: Our responsive mobile layout allowed WWF to reach more users. Images were optimized for horizontal and vertical layouts, and swiping allowed for content to be easily accessible, interactive, and fun for their audience.

Enabling an easy-to-edit environment: We built a modular editing system that enabled WWF admin to create pages with the exact layout needed to support their projects. WWF can stack and update these modules to get a unique and custom experience while adhering to the custom-designed style guide.


WordPress Development

  • WordPress website development
  • Multi-site content management system configuration
  • SEO strategy implementation

Web Development

  • Mobile responsive implementation
  • Donor CRM integration
  • Content & Data Migration

The Impacts

The WWF now has in-house control over a beautiful—yet flexible—set of design layouts that engage a broader set of users.

We also consolidated all of the WWF’s sites and projects into one format, with a backend UI that mirrors the frontend—streamlining future website changes

Through their redesign, WWF has seen:

  • 26% increase in new mobile users
  • 30% increase in number of site-generated purchases
  • 18% increase in average time on page

The Challenges

WWF came to us with four distinct and outdated sites that needed integration both functionally and from a design perspective to fit the WWF brand guidelines. Some of the core problems included:

  • A poorly designed mobile funnel that was losing donations.
  • An inflexible and disorganized backend that turned adding and editing content into an unnecessary headache.
  • Showcased data wasn’t properly displaying on their front-end and left them needing web-development for little tweaks.

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