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We build beautiful, scalable, and world-class EdTech apps so that organizations like yours can scale and propel their impacts in education.

EdTech app development services

So, what is an EdTech app?

An EdTech app development is the process of developing an “education technology” application that supports, facilitates, and enhances education by combining technology with learning principles. 

Some EdTech app concepts include learning management systems (LMS; used in corporate, private, and academic settings), self-led learning (i.e., independent language study), academic management platforms, and educator-student-peer communication portals. 
Additionally, the EdTech market is booming—with investments in EdTech almost 4x between 2015 and 2018, and worldwide mobile education spending increasing by $10B YOY in 2020.

What are EdTech App Development services?

Goji Labs’ EdTech app development services mean we serve as your technical partner to develop your EdTech web-based or mobile application—from concept and product strategy to design and software development. We take your app through this process: 

During our Discovery Phase, we combine our learned expertise about developing EdTech apps and develop the domain expertise to complement yours. Together, we create an excellent and validated product and business strategy.

From there, we move on to the Design Phase, during which we conduct thorough primary and secondary research, and bake industry best practices into your app vision.

We then go into our Development Phase, during which we develop your app to spec, using a parallel, module-based build process that ensures smooth functionality.

And finally, we run thorough testing during our QA Phase to ensure your EdTech app functions and looks precisely as you imagined.

EdTech Mobile App Development Best Practices

Some best practices for EdTech Mobile App Development that we follow:

  1. Deep research into user personas and learning principles to create an EdTech app that’s most conducive to learning and engagement.
  2. Strong security to protect users’ private information, and compliance with minor federal and state privacy laws.
  3. Interactive design to keep users engaged and motivated.
  4. Seamless integration with LMS, SIS, and OPM platforms.
  5. Use of AI to precisely tailor the learning experience to the user and their progress, and include support resources (Q&A chat boxes.)
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