Enhancing organic collaboration in Jugo’s virtual 3D environments




UX/UI Audit, 3D Rendering

Revitalizing engagement in 3D meeting spaces

In the rapidly evolving landscape of virtual collaboration, Jugo emerged as a pioneering force set on bringing back a world of face-to-face interactions, digitally. Working within the current confines of virtual environments such as Zoom, Jugo provides a platform for users to connect in a manner that emulates natural collaboration in a traditional office setting. With a vision to revolutionize virtual interactions, Jugo approached our team seeking guidance on how to elevate their user experience while simultaneously evaluating the spatial realms of their 3D meeting environments.

Tailored recommendations for seamless interactions

We conducted a thorough assessment of Jugo’s meeting platform, considering gatherings of all sizes. This involved a careful examination of their various virtual workspaces, exploring every nook and cranny to understand how users interacted with the environment. Included in these recommendations were considerations of UI elements breaking immersion for users, using the foreground to emphasize a 3D environment, and providing the same hospitality one would receive upon entering and leaving an office meeting in-person.

Our focus was on preserving natural, organic interactions, recognizing their importance, especially in the context of remote work. This approach was instrumental in ensuring that Jugo’s platform didn’t just keep up with the latest technological trends, but also provided a comfortable and conducive environment for meaningful professional interactions. Striking a balance between cutting-edge technology and the genuine, human connections that make work fulfilling and effective, we paid special attention to the user interface, ensuring it was intuitive, accessible, and seamless.

Tailored recommendations for seamless interactions

To create a visual theme for Jugo’s 3D meeting spaces, our team took a thoughtful approach, using moodboards and storyboarding. This was a visual exploration process that involves assembling a collage of images, textures, colors, and other visual elements to capture the intended look and feel or aesthetic of a project. These boards serve as a reference point, helping to convey and refine the visual direction before actual design work begins.

We aimed to define a clear vision that aligns with Jugo’s brand identity. We explored different visual styles, presenting distinct concepts. One version adopted a dark mode to establish a contemplative atmosphere, encouraging focused collaboration. On the other hand, we also considered a light mode with brighter, cooler tones to bring energy and inspiration. By offering these options, we provided Jugo with a variety of visual directions to bring their vision to life in the virtual space.

Bridging the gap for authentic engagement

Our main focus was to create a realistic experience for speakers in virtual meetings. Recognizing the importance of recreating face-to-face interactions, we explored various ways for users to connect around a virtual table. We considered how the table’s shape and layout influenced the dynamics of presentations and group discussions.

To get our ideas across effectively in a fast-paced environment, we took an inventive approach. We incorporated 3D modeling tools like SketchUp and Unreal Engine into our process. These tools allowed us to step beyond the usual methods and showcase concepts in a visually compelling and interactive way. We focused on speed without sacrificing quality, ensuring we could quickly convey essential elements like atmosphere, environment, ambiance, and tone. By carefully adjusting dimensions, textures, and how everything fit together, we made sure each environment could seamlessly suit different situations.

Constraints in the virtual workplace

In crafting the 3D space, our approach was rooted in a keen understanding of the constraints inherent to presentations and the people engaging in these environments. We meticulously designed the virtual space to accommodate the specific needs of presentations, acknowledging the importance of seamless transitions, intuitive navigation, and a user-friendly interface.

Recognizing the diverse ways individuals interact in these environments, we prioritized accessibility and user experience, ensuring that the 3D space served as a facilitator rather than a hindrance. By addressing these constraints, we aimed to create an immersive yet practical environment where presentations could unfold smoothly, fostering engagement and interaction in a way that is both intuitive and accommodating.

Revolutionizing virtual meeting rooms

Recognizing the pitfalls in conventional video platforms, such as limited interactivity and a lack of connection during presentations, these solutions bridge the gap between virtual and physical communication. Prioritizing seamless user experiences, intuitive navigation, and enhanced interactivity, this vision creates a virtual environment that mirrors face-to-face interactions. Our goal is to pave the way for a more natural, immersive, and genuinely collaborative digital space, envisioning a different future for online engagement.