Nonprofit App Development

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Nonprofit App Development

What is a Nonprofit App?

Nonprofit apps are a powerful tool to help nonprofit organizations propel their missions and scale their impacts, and nonprofit app development is the process of building these applications. By creating beautiful apps and websites, nonprofits can increase donor conversion, raise awareness, and manage volunteers—just to name a few.

What are Nonprofit App Development services?

Nonprofit app development services help organizations create web and mobile apps that they can leverage to boost traffic and awareness, establish donation funnels, and manage volunteers. The nonprofit app development services Goji Labs offers encompass everything from designing and building apps to establishing brand and product strategies. 

How do we build a Nonprofit App?

Developing a non-profit app begins with extensive donor, visitor, and user research, with which we gain an in-depth understanding of your various target personas. We also develop domain expertise with you—what it is exactly your nonprofit is aiming to accomplish, and what factors and knowledge base will comprise of its success. 

For instance, if it’s a medical application for first responders, we find out—inside and out—the critical information that you need to communicate to your users. If yours is an environmental nonprofit, we research until we drop to understand the problems at stake—so that we can help you maximize efforts and deliver your solution.

We build on our robust, data-driven findings in our Strategy Phase, during which we hone the most effective way to propel your mission and scale your impact with technology. The Strategy Phase entails establishing your app or website’s product and brand strategies, tailored to your users. We also decide on the KPIs with which we can measure your success, and validate our assumptions through studying other organizations and user testing.

During our UX Design and then Visual Design Phases, we tailor your app or website’s workflow, design, and donation funnel to your visitors and activists. We tie these elements together with cohesive, trust-building, and motivating branding. We help you precisely communicate your mission. 

Lastly, we enter the Development Phase, during which we turn our high-fidelity wireframes into reality. Through parallel, module-based building, and continuous testing, we ensure the integrity and functionality of your nonprofit’s app or website throughout development.

What are the benefits of Custom Nonprofit Web Development?

Building trust and creating easy-to-use platforms is crucial for nonprofits to foster passion, increase donations, and recruit volunteers. And that’s where custom nonprofit web development enters the picture. 

With custom nonprofit web development, your organization can precisely communicate its mission to visitors. This communication entails everything from building trust through consistent messaging and security to helping your donors truly understand the criticality of your cause through graphics, videos, and even simulations. 

Using custom nonprofit web development also means having easy-to-use web and mobile applications that are tailored exactly to your audience. Making it easier for them to donate, participate, and stay motivated.

How much does Nonprofit Software Development cost?

The cost of custom nonprofit software development depends on the functionality of your website or application.

When we have our initial deep dive call to understand your budget and timeline, we’ll ask questions such as, “How many people will be using this application?” or “Will it need to store data over the cloud?”

While a typical project for Goji Labs ranges between $30k to $300k, there are so many build and design factors that go into determining the price. If you’re looking to build an app that supports a few thousand users, or an app made to serve internal employees and volunteers, that price may actually be $10k or less. 

Give us a call to learn more about how we can help you propel your mission and scale your impact—even on a budget. 

Nonprofit Digital Strategy Best Practices

As a firm that’s built nonprofit web and mobile applications for the World Wildlife Fund and the World Health Organization, we’re big believers in using industry best practices as we follow our robust methodology. 

In our book, best practices involve developing our own domain expertise to keep up with and complement your own. And best practices also include baking a deep understanding of your audience and current nonprofit industry trends into your website and application. 

These days, trends and best practices revolve around:

  • Mobility:
    in a time during which nonprofits with mobile-responsive web designs see a +126% in donations, and 51% of nonprofit website visitors do so via mobile device
  • Seamless Usability:
    for donation conversion and volunteer management
  • Accessibility:
    with AI-powered chatbots and internal DMS automation
  • Impact Simulation:
    for crystal clear communication of the need for your mission
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