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Raiz, a credit union based in El Paso, Texas, wanted to expand its services to include investment and insurance offerings under a new brand called Mammoth Rock. They approached us to create a website that would convey their brand values and establish trust with potential clients.

We began by conducting a competitive and content analysis of multiple competitors in the investment and insurance space. Our goal was to gain insights into how successful sites in the industry conveyed their brand values and established user trust. Our analysis revealed several common patterns, including strong portrait photography, clear color branding, and thoughtfully written copy. Armed with these insights, we developed a strategy to create a website that would convey Mammoth Rock’s brand values of being savvy, passionate, uplifting, and purposeful.

To create the website, we first developed a site map to outline how content would be organized across the site. We worked to include clear modules for both insurance and investment on a single site. Unfortunately, after asking a financial regulatory board to review the site map, we determined that the investment and insurance arm of the business could not be presented on the same site. We pivoted our focus to split the brand into two separate sites, with matching branding but different messaging for each facet of Mammoth Rock’s business.

We did multiple UI explorations to arrive at a final design that reflected Mammoth Rock’s brand values. The final design used small, unobtrusive animations and friendly, inviting photography throughout the site to make users feel that their needs were understood by the team at Mammoth Rock. It conveyed that users could trust Mammoth Rock as a helpful guide on the path to financial success.

To simplify complex information and help users understand their options, we used clear language and simple visuals throughout the site. To further establish trust with potential clients, we incorporated user testimonials. There were also clear calls-to-action that guided users towards scheduling a consultation or opening an investment account. Additionally, helpful resources such as educational articles and calculators were provided to help users make informed decisions.

We also provided Mammoth Rock with a content inventory list that helped guide the writing for all the content of the site. It contained a list of all the written sections as well as any places that images were use. This ensured that the messaging and tone remained consistent with Mammoth Rock’s brand values throughout the site.

Overall, our team was able to successfully convey Mammoth Rock’s brand values through UX design and web development services, resulting in a website that established trust with potential clients and positioned Mammoth Rock as a helpful guide on the path to financial success.