How We Revolutionized DEI Programs for Fortune 500 Companies


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Mindr Global: An Overview

Mindr Global stands at the forefront of fostering Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) within corporate environments. Their innovative approach revolves around empowering Fortune 500 companies and large organizations to embed DEI values deeply into their culture. The essence of Mindr’s mission is to transform workplaces into environments where every employee feels valued, understood, and engaged. By focusing on strategic DEI programs, Mindr Global not only advocates for inclusivity but also ensures that it becomes a tangible reality in the corporate sphere.

The Challenge

In today’s rapidly evolving corporate world, the importance of DEI cannot be overstated. However, companies often face significant challenges in effectively managing Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), creating impactful programming and events, and tracking participation over time. These hurdles can hinder the progress of DEI initiatives, making it difficult for organizations to foster a truly inclusive culture. Recognizing this gap, Mindr sought a solution that could streamline these processes, enhance engagement, and provide actionable insights into the effectiveness of their DEI efforts.

What We Built

In collaboration with Mindr, Goji Labs developed MindrConnect, a bespoke web application designed to revolutionize how companies approach DEI. This platform serves as a comprehensive tool for leaders to manage ERGs, orchestrate programming and events, and monitor participation dynamics. Key features include intuitive management dashboards, detailed reporting capabilities, and feedback collection mechanisms. MindrConnect simplifies the administrative burden of DEI programs, enabling HR departments to focus on what truly matters—creating a nurturing and inclusive workplace culture.

The Impact

Since its launch in 2021, MindrConnect has demonstrated remarkable success in advancing DEI initiatives across various organizations. Notably, the platform has facilitated an astounding 82% growth in ERG participation over three years. This significant uptick is a testament to the platform’s effectiveness in engaging employees and fostering a sense of belonging within the workplace. Through streamlined processes and insightful analytics, MindrConnect has not only enhanced the management of DEI programs but also contributed to creating safer, more inclusive work environments. The success story of MindrConnect underscores the transformative potential of targeted technological solutions in realizing the goals of DEI in the corporate world.