Reasons Renewed: Forging a Future of Enhanced Engagement and Generous Giving


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Product Strategy, UX Research, UX/UI Design, Data Migration, Development

A Refresh With a Mission

In a digital age where content is king, faced a pivotal challenge: how to revamp their extensive online presence to better serve their audience and mission. With over 100,000 pieces of content and media items housed in a custom legacy system, the task was monumental. This case study explores how our agency embarked on a transformative journey with, not just to meet the challenge head-on but to exceed expectations, fostering a platform that truly resonates with its users.

Elevating an Established Platform, a rich repository of thought-provoking content, sought to dramatically improve user engagement and content exploration. The site’s legacy infrastructure, while extensive, was not positioned to leverage the latest in digital user experience (UX) or content management efficiencies.

The primary goals were clear:

  • Revamp and relaunch to enhance engagement and facilitate seamless content discovery across diverse user personas.
  • Migrate over 100,000 content and media items from a cumbersome legacy system to a more flexible, user-friendly WordPress environment.
  • Elevate the overall user experience and aesthetics of the site, ensuring a modern, accessible, and engaging platform for visitors.

Our Approach: A Comprehensive Strategy for Transformation

Our journey with was rooted in a holistic approach, integrating product strategy, UX research, and innovative design and development solutions.

  1. Product Strategy and UX Research: Our initial phase centered on understanding the unique landscape of Through an exhaustive audit, analytics review, surveys, card sorts, interviews, and competitive analysis, we uncovered invaluable insights into user behaviors, needs, and preferences. This informed our strategic roadmap, prioritizing features and enhancements that would drive engagement and content discoverability.
  2. UX and UI Design: Guided by our research, we embarked on a meticulous design process. Our UX team crafted intuitive navigation pathways and content structures, while our UI experts introduced a refreshed brand identity that resonated with the site’s diverse audience. Usability testing ensured our designs were not only visually compelling but also user-centered.
  3. Web Development and CMS Configuration: The technical execution of our vision was critical. Our development team skillfully migrated over 100,000 content items to WordPress, ensuring a seamless transition. Simultaneously, we custom-configured the CMS to empower’s admins and content managers with unprecedented ease in editing and curating content.

A Digital Renaissance

The relaunch of marked a new era for the organization. The site emerged not just as a repository of content, but as a vibrant platform inviting exploration, engagement, and growth. Key achievements included:

  • A stunning, user-friendly website that serves as a robust foundation for future expansion.
  • A transformative improvement in the way administrators and content managers interact with the site, making content curation effortless and efficient.
  • A remarkable 50% increase in site engagement, as measured by time spent on the site.
  • A significant 25% uplift in online donations, reflecting enhanced user trust and investment in the mission.

Beyond a Project, A Partnership for Growth

The revitalization of is a testament to the power of strategic vision, user-centric design, and technological expertise. Our collaboration went beyond a mere client-service provider relationship; it was a partnership driven by a shared goal to inspire, engage, and educate. As we look to the future, we celebrate the success of and remain committed to supporting its journey, ensuring that it continues to be a beacon of thought leadership in the digital realm. The story of is far from over; it’s just beginning a new chapter of growth and impact.