Bringing a Legacy Catholic Magazine into the modern digital realm


iOS, Android


Product Strategy, UX/UI Design, Development, Marketing Assets

Elevating Digital Reading with Customizable Features

In our commitment to enhancing accessibility, we included customizable features like font adjustments and light/dark modes. This thoughtful approach empowers users to tailor their digital reading experience, fostering inclusivity and personalization. By prioritizing accessibility, we not only elevated the value for existing subscribers but also drew in new users seeking a platform that accommodates a variety of preferences.

Uninterrupted Content Access

By guaranteeing uninterrupted access to podcasts, videos, and articles, we offered users a seamless and continuous experience, even when the phone is closed. This is not just about accessibility, it’s also geared towards fostering deeper engagement. We wanted to create an environment within ‘The Word’ that encourages users to delve into the diverse range of content available, providing an enriching and uninterrupted journey for all who seek 
spiritual insights.

Digital Triumph

In shaping America Magazine’s digital future with ‘The Word’ app, our user-centric approach, rooted in research and feedback, helped us to create a platform addressing content interaction and navigation challenges. Notably, ‘The Word’ achieved a remarkable ascent to #8 on Apple’s Top 10 charts within two weeks of release, underscoring the resonance of our design and commitment to user satisfaction. We are proud to witness the fruition of our hard work with ‘The Word’ and eagerly anticipate its ongoing impact on people.