Homeless Youth


Custom Web Application


Product Strategy, UX Research, UX/UI Design, Data Migration, Software Development

Youth On Their Own’s Mission

Youth On Their Own (YOTO) is a non-profit organization with a critical mission: to support homeless high school students in their journey to graduation. Providing more than just financial assistance, YOTO offers a comprehensive support system including basic needs provision, guidance, and encouragement, empowering these students to overcome personal challenges and achieve academic success.

Addressing the Challenge: Scaling Support for Expanded Impact

As YOTO endeavored to extend its reach, the organization confronted significant operational challenges. The increasing demand for their services necessitated a scalable solution to manage the growing number of student applications, streamline the distribution of resources, and monitor academic progress for targeted financial aid distribution. The complexity of coordinating these efforts, coupled with the diverse needs of students, volunteers, and staff, underscored the need for an innovative approach to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

Innovative Solution: Custom CRM Platform and Web Portal

Goji Labs collaborated with YOTO to develop a custom web application designed to meet the organization’s unique requirements. This platform introduced a multi-faceted approach to managing student services, featuring a user-friendly ‘Mini Mall’ for easy access to daily necessities, a streamlined system for service management, and a sophisticated tracking mechanism for assessing student performance and facilitating financial aid. Beyond the initial development, Goji Labs committed to continuous improvement of the platform, ensuring it remains responsive to the evolving needs of YOTO and its beneficiaries.

Transformative Impact: Doubling Participation and Streamlining Operations

The deployment of the custom web application has been transformative for YOTO, significantly enhancing its operational capacity and service delivery. The platform has notably increased accessibility and engagement, as evidenced by the Mini Mall’s usage stats: 2,897 visits by 729 unique individuals in the current fiscal year, an increase of 55%. This digital transformation has led to a marked improvement in the percentage of students served, with a doubling effect over the past five years. The introduction of the YOTO Portal, in particular, has played a pivotal role in this success, making it easier for students to utilize the services offered, thereby directly contributing to YOTO’s mission of supporting students towards graduation and beyond.