The Digital Due Diligence Checklist & Playbook for Private Equity and VC

It’s a digital world, so overlooking a Digital Product Audit in M&A means leaving precious negotiating chips on the table. Here’s your comprehensive guide to navigating Digitial Due Diligence (DDD).

A rundown on the financial impacts

A comprehensive digital due diligence checklist

Expert insights on navigating DDD complexities

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What is Digital Due Diligence?

The modern PE landscape demands more than just financial and operational understanding. In today’s digital-first world, uncovering the hidden value (or challenges) within a company’s digital assets is crucial for informed investment decisions. That’s where Digital Due Diligence (DDD) comes in.

Why Use a Digital Due Diligence Checklist?

With the importance of Digital Due Diligence comes the importance of ensuring its comprehensive. Consider your DDD checklist as the map, guiding you through key areas like:

and efficiency

Ensures you cover all essential areas without missing critical details.


Allows for consistent and comparative evaluations across different target companies.


Facilitates teamwork and communication among internal DDD teams and external advisors.

Risk mitigation

Helps identify and address potential digital risks early on in the PE process.

Why Use a Digital Due Diligence Checklist?

In today’s digitally driven world, ignoring DDD is playing with a blindfold on. Embrace the power of comprehensive digital insights to make informed investment decisions, unlock value beyond financials, and secure a competitive edge in the PE market.

Uncover hidden risks and opportunities

DDD can expose vulnerabilities in a company’s digital infrastructure, data security, or online reputation, potentially mitigating costly post-acquisition surprises. Or, reveal valuable digital assets, intellectual property, or untapped customer segments that boost future potential.

Gain a competitive edge

A thorough Digital Due Diligence provides a deeper understanding of the target company’s digital maturity and growth potential compared to its competitors. This insight empowers you to make informed bids and negotiate strategically advantageous terms.

Protect your portfolio

Strong DDD helps identify digital dependencies and potential integration complexities, ensuring a smoother PE transaction and reducing post-merger integration friction.

Boost portfolio value creation

By identifying digital assets and capabilities for optimization, Digital Due Diligence can inform post-acquisition value creation strategies, driving growth and maximizing returns for your portfolio.

How Goji Labs Conducts Comprehensive Digital
Due Diligence

UX/UI Audit

Dive deep into the user experience and interface designs. Understand how users interact with the product, identify pain points, and uncover opportunities for improvement.

Market Audit

Get a clear snapshot of your acquisition’s market position. Understand competitors, identify market gaps, and discover untapped opportunities.

Code Audit

Assess the technical backbone of your digital product. Identify inefficiencies, vulnerabilities,
and areas for technological advancement.

Strategy Audit

Evaluate the existing digital strategy. Understand its alignment with business goals, market demands, and future scalability. Every audit culminates in actionable insights, clear roadmaps, and detailed recommendations tailored for the specific needs and potential of your acquisition.

Tailored Solutions for Unique Needs

The beauty of our approach is its adaptability. Not sure which audit is right for you? Contact our sales team, and we’ll work with you to craft a bespoke audit solution that aligns perfectly with your objectives and the unique demands of your acquisition.

What you get

PDF Guide

Get expert product insights into product audits and a comprehensive breakdown of the questions you need to ask in your process.

Digital Due Diligence Checklist

Organize the way you go through all the essential product audit criteria with a copy of our DDD checklist.

The Common Challenges

  • Outdated Digital Assets:Acquired companies often come with legacy systems and outdated digital interfaces.
  • Untapped Revenue Streams:Lacking a digital transformation strategy can lead to missed market opportunities.
  • Customer Disconnect:Old tech and strategies might not resonate with today’s discerning digital consumers.
  • Operational Inefficiencies:Legacy systems can slow down operations and drive up costs.
  • Integration Woes: Difficulty in integrating new digital strategies with existing business models.

Goji Labs’ Solutions

  • Comprehensive Product Audits:Uncover the hidden potential and pitfalls of your acquisition’s digital landscape.
  • Bespoke Digital Strategies:Tailored roadmaps to revitalize and modernize digital products, increasing their market relevance.
  • Seamless Integrations:Ensure new digital transformations blend smoothly with existing operations, optimizing efficiency.
  • Revenue Growth:Unlock new revenue streams through optimized user experiences and strategies.
  • Inspire & Retain Customers:Modernized, user-centric experiences that resonate with today’s audience, fostering loyalty and growth.

Why trust Goji Labs

Proven Track Record

Successful transformations leading to exponential growth for multiple acquired firms.

Dedicated Partnership

We work closely with you, ensuring the transformation aligns with your broader business goals.

Quick Turnarounds

Our strategies are executed swiftly, ensuring you see results fast.

Confidentiality Assured

We understand the sensitive nature of private equity deals and ensure complete discretion.


of M&A deals experience post-merger technology integration issues, and significant cost overruns and performance declines.


of acquisition value can be eroded by hidden technology debt, outdated software, and security vulnerabilities.


Of time developers spend is dealing with technical debt which can slow down the introduction on new features. Understand if you should start fresh or refactor.


higher customer lifetime value is realized by companies with optimized user experiences and data-driven strategies and up to 40% faster revenue growth.

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