Kaption This!

Forged in the brilliant minds of Creative Storm, ‘Kaption This!’ is a mobile game that combines the joy of memes with the sharp wit of Cards Against Humanity.

The Overview

‘Kaption This!’ is a sharp-witted and intuitive iOS mobile game focusing on captioning images to make your own memes. Relying heavily on push notifications, this joyful app provided a real-time gaming experience on mobile that enjoyed a successful launch on the iOS app store.

Developed with:      Ruby on Rails PostgreSQL



The Challenge

For years, the founders of Creative Storm had a group chat with a several of their close friends. Whenever someone would upload a photo, other group members would decorate it with hilarious captions. The team enjoyed this so much that they decided to spread their joy around, thus giving birth to the idea behind ‘Kaption This!’, a mobile game where friends can recreate this experience in a streamlined and intuitive way.


The Process & Tech

Our team designed and developed a native iOS mobile application with Swift and the backend with Ruby on Rails. Users can join the platform, sync their contacts and invite their friends to join new games. Once a game starts, each player takes a turn where get to select an image while the other participants have one minute to submit a Kaption. The current player then selects their favorite Kaption, awarding points to its submitter. The winner of the game is the player who submitted the most winning Kaptions. The game is driven forward by a layered system of push notifications that notify users when it is time to take an action.


The Outcome

The user experience implementation and the technical aspects involved in creating a real-time mobile game experience were a fun challenge for our team to take on. The real fun, however, was testing ‘Kaption This!’ as we geared up for launch.

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