Distro Pro

Distro Pro is a SaaS platform that streamlines the management of film and television productions. This dashboard application transforms the industry’s existing, archaic procedures into simple, intuitive workflows.

The Overview

Distro Pro is a new type of SaaS platform that simplifies film and television productions in a way never before seen. Goji Labs’ work on Distro Pro created a product far ahead of what any competitor could offer, and the client was delighted with the work that we produced in order to get this project off the ground.

Developed with:      Ruby on Rails PostgreSQL React JS



The Challenge

We’ve partnered with CommonMarker’s founder to create a tool that will disrupt the movie production space for good. Most movie and television productions are still managed using a cumbersome and time-consuming process, which involves a high degree of paper-based, manual work. Their product, Distro Pro, is a comprehensive SaaS solution that streamlines the operations of production management.


The Process & Tech

In order to develop and flesh out the concepts and value offer of this application, we kicked off the project by conducting several rounds of audits and product workshops. Then, using CommonMarker’s clean designs, we proceeded to implement this impressive dashboard web application using Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, and React. The application features user role management, notifications, and an engaging production management dashboard that enables production managers to plan, oversee, and control every aspect of the production cycle.


The Outcome

Our team got to learn a ton about the movie production industry in the process of bringing Distro Pro to market. The project management tool and interface we’ve created is lightyears ahead of any solution currently on the market.
Goji Labs had a major role in getting my product to the final stages. Their transparency and technical know-how make them a valuable partner.
Karolina Johansson
Karolina Johansson CEO

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