Kitchen Table

The Kitchen Table mobile app helps hosts and guests build meaningful, in-person connections through intimate, shared dining experiences.

The Overview

Kitchen Table, an innovative social dining mobile app, was released to the App Store and is used to host events, meals, and educational series around the country. The app continues to accumulate rave reviews and its massive success led to the launch of a matching web application!

Developed with:      Ruby on Rails React JS React



The Challenge

Kitchen Table is a social dining mobile app that allows individuals to host community events. The goal was to create a community that would extend invitations to anyone – strangers, neighbors, friends, and family. We wanted to provide an experience for foodies, hobby chefs, and community builders that would transcend any application currently on the market.

The objective was to create a platform that would bring people together around food to help foster relationships and build community.


The Process & Tech

We designed and developed a consumer iOS app, built in Swift, and a backend system using Ruby on Rails and Postgres. The backend system also powers a web application and an administrative dashboard for the Kitchen Table team. Hosts can post a community meal they’re planning, and include the menu, the location, the price, and they can invite those they know. Guests can browse for meals in their area, and, if there’s still a spot left, join one, and maybe make some new friends.


The Outcome

The Kitchen Table mobile app released to the Apple App Store and is used to host events, such as meal and educational series, around the country. The companion web application has also seen success since its launch, and the web and mobile apps work together to keep communities cohesive and engaged!

Find the product here:

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The most impressive thing is the overall level of care They are extremely thoughtful and mindful and excel in risk mitigation.
Kelly Browne
Kelly Browne Founder & CEO

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