UX Design Consulting

UX design consulting entails helping organizations and companies improve the usability (and therefore, conversion and reputation) of their websites, applications, and products.

UX Design Consulting

So, what is UX Design Consulting?

UX design consulting entails helping organizations and companies improve the usability (and therefore, conversion and reputation) of their websites, applications, and products.

At Goji Labs, we do this by baking UX best practices into everything the user can see and touch—and into all of the back-end processes and technologies that affect their experience with your product.

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How to Create
a UX Design Strategy

Some common elements of crafting UX design strategy are  

  1. Defining business and product strategy through stakeholder workshops
  2. Establishing differentiation (and learning lessons) through competitive research
  3. Building user personas and validating assumptions through extensive user research
  4. Deciding on design direction and guide, informed by user research
  5. Create a UX roadmap with specific and realistic goals 
  6. Conducting both structured and unstructured user testing 
  7. Revising, iterating, finalizing, and iterating some more

We also conduct in-depth primary and secondary research to the root of the problem, and hyper-focus on the most important problems before even considering solutions. By doing so, we can help you create incredible user experiences, uncover new business, save on resources, and increase ROI.


Usability Improvements

  • We review your product to find points of improvement in usability.

Research Reports

  • We compile data from primary & secondary research to guide our process.

Prioritization Frameworks

  • We help you prioritize and strategize which challenges to tackle first.

Recommended Actions

  • We create a list of key recommended action to take with your product.

UX vs. UI Design

Parsing out the difference may seem tricky, as UX Design and UI Design are both interdependent and interrelated. Let’s explain:

UX Design

  • Overall, emotional experience with a product
  • Entails building a solution tailored to your users and their painpoints, and delivering it in an effective and easy-to-use platform
  • KPIs: task success, task time, conversion rates, NPS, drop-off rate, SUM
  • Deals with user research, information architecture, accessibility, visual design, UI design, analytics, and content strategy

UI Design

  • Optimizing the experience of your users interacting with computer systems—one (critical) facet of UX
  • Entails guiding users by matching their anticipated needs with specific inputs, functionality and feel.
  • Deals with visual design, information architecture, interaction design
  • Examples: use of color, icons, buttons, etc. to guide actions, responsive design, typography, information architecture

How to Conduct UX Design Research

UX design research is tied to one goal: keeping things user-centered and validating all assumptions. With this in mind, here are some best practices: 

At Goji Labs, we find it especially important to go into research knowing what our critical assumptions are and how we’re going to validate or invalidate them. Every research session we run includes an intentional plan.

So, we approach UX Design Strategy with a ”Lean and Mean” mindset. We don’t mindlessly follow prescriptive methods if they don’t make sense. Instead, we work with our clients to figure out what we’re trying to learn and the fastest, most sensible way to learn it.

During our discovery phase, we obtain primary data through extensive user surveys and interviews. We do this to learn how users feel about the product, industry, competitors. Primary research is essential to having knowledge client competitors do not; we also supplement it with secondary research.

Following our discovery phase, we go into the design phase. In design, we run moderated and unmoderated usability tests to assess task success and time, analyze KPIs, and understand how can iterate on designs before build.