Oct 14, 2020 Written by David Barlev

5 Signs It’s Time for a New Client Management System

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Saying goodbye isn’t easy—especially when it’s time to find a new client management system for your business.

If you started off with Microsoft Excel, transitioned to Microsoft Access, and are now using an external, cloud-hosted alternative, the idea of changing again to an all-new system can feel daunting.

Unfortunately, Microsoft Access doesn’t have an easy learning curve. And if you’ve already learned a new system with a web-based platform, adopting another isn’t easy. It can be costly and time-ineffective if it hasn’t been custom-made to fit your needs.

Growing pains are real. And when you’re beginning to outgrow your current client management system, there are a few signs to let you know.

1. It’s Not User-Friendly

A woman frustrated at her laptopYou were expecting your client management system to get easier with time.

You figured that once you got the hang of its internal navigation, customization options, and reporting tools, that eventually the learning curve would dissipate and smoother workflow and efficiency would follow.

And that was years ago.

And unfortunately—and fortunately, as well—you aren’t the same company anymore. You’ve grown, your staff has increased, your capabilities have expanded. Now the little workarounds that used to annoy you are costing you real time and money. 

Now, with more staff and end-users, the flaws of the system are more apparent than ever. And each time you hire, onboard, and train a new user, you’re losing time to inefficiency. Now, the learning curve is too steep for simple data management.

2. You’re Producing Too Much Data

This is largely specific to Microsoft Access but can apply to different tiers of popular web-based platforms as well.

Let’s say you’re a small, independent dental practice that houses patient data on a large, but not massive scale. You’ve got records in the thousands which are manageable within Microsoft Access. However, as you grow your business the data compiled from patient x-rays is maxing out the capabilities of your CMS.

Now, your office staff is frequently calling you for data corruption issues and the system seems to be frequently crashing. Efficiency slows down, patient outreach loses steam, and monthly revenue declines.

No good.

3. It’s Slowing Down Your System

A line graph chart on a screenWhen your CMS is tied to an internal server it draws on the physical performance of your machines.

An overload of data into the system to an overabundance of users can have catastrophic effects on your business.

Performance lags, troubleshooting errors, and IT problems can have significant effects on your bottom line. As a result, it’s important to make sure your system is running smoothly.

While this problem is largely specific to Microsoft Access, the next issue may become costly if you choose to outsource your data management needs to an online SAAS platform. 

Database hosting can range from hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars a month depending on the size and scope of your data management needs.

4. There Are Serious Security Risks

There are few, if any, systems that are completely hackproof—even governments. With that said, the difference between one business’s information getting stolen and another’s being left alone is the level of security risk based on the database platform.

However, it’s important to remember that web companies get hacked all the time—particularly those hosting data—so even third-party online hosting platforms are susceptible to skilled hackers.

However, corporate cybersecurity is a higher-level issue than some of the day-to-day internal issues that come with client management systems like Microsoft Access.

Though the software is designed to limit the amount of data a given user can enter or see, it’s the shareability of the database as a file that makes it more or of a risk than other cloud-based alternatives.

5. You’ve Outgrown Its Capabilities

A man plugging cables into a modemAs your business grows you’ll encounter new problems that require new solutions. At times, these problems are easily fixable—hire the right person, find the right vendor, etc. In others, things can get a bit more complicated, requiring deep overhauls of existing systems to meet the needs of a new standard.

A growing plant must be removed from its pot and placed in a bigger one or risk stunting its growth.

Your business operates the same way—especially as it pertains to data management. As your company grows in size and scope, it’s a natural consequence to outgrow current client management systems capabilities.

And when that happens, it’s time to find a bigger pot.

Final Thoughts

Growing your business is an incredible thing, but that also means growing in all areas—external output and internal processes. If you want to keep your business proactive in its CMS development, it may be time to consider a custom client management system. 

Form-fitted to match your business needs and designed for scale right out of the box, find a long-term data solution made to grow with your business.

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