Nov 2, 2020 Written by David Barlev

How to Find Fast Web Developers Without Sacrificing Quality

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When you’re in a jam and need a project finished fast, you need to know how to find fast web developers without sacrificing quality. So how can you find an expert who will take care of your work quickly without cutting corners?

One way is to sign an expensive contract with a huge, experienced team. The other way is to plan your project in a smart way.

In this blog, we’ll talk about how to get your dev project off your plate as soon as possible while ensuring it’s done right.

Studio v. Freelancer

A team of developersWhen it comes to rush projects, having a knowledgeable developer at your disposal is priceless. Depending on your budget, that will either be an affordable freelancing individual or a more expensive design studio. You may even want to contact a design studio and ask someone who works there if they can help you on the side.

The main benefit of a design studio, though, is that the pricing is all-inclusive. They can handle everything you need without sloughing off any of the risks onto you.

Knowing that your project will be handled from beginning to end with the studio taking the lion’s share of responsibility relieves some of the headaches of your rush project. You can tell them how soon you need your project completed, and they can provide you with a timeline that makes planning easy.

If there are bumps along the way, rest assure that they’ll call you with that professional voice to say, “unfortunately, there’s been a delay.”

Freelancers, on the other hand, are most cost-effective to work with. They can give you a rundown of what needs to happen in order for your project to be completed. You’ll have an easier time talking to them about the nitty-gritty of your software, but they can’t do it all.

You won’t get the white glove customer service because that’s not their job—and they’ll probably tell you so.

Either way, you’ll be working with professionals who know how to get the job done. The quality control, however, will be better with a design studio that has experience collaborating with their clients.

How to Rush a Project Properly

No one wants to be hurried through a project, but there are times when it’s the only choice. Maybe you found a great opportunity to launch an app before anyone else, but there’s a limited window.

Maybe your previous developer called it quits, and you need someone to finish the job in order to protect your funding.

These are frustrating situations, so don’t make them worse by going into a project without a plan.

Have a roadmap like this one handy. By knowing what steps need to be taken, you can test your product for functionality without having to wait for your developer to finish. You will also be able to communicate product readiness to anyone else involved, which is key when dealing with investors or other stakeholders.

If you already know what you need when asking a developer for help, you can cut down on many of the errors people make during development.

Pay Your Developers Quickly

A man sitting at his deskHonesty and trust are pillars of a good working relationship, so if your developer suspects you might not pay them, they are not as likely to prioritize your project. Telling them how much you “really need help” won’t do you any favors unless you prove that you’re serious. Make sure you open up your wallet early.

With a design studio, payment will be required upfront. Should you decide to go the freelancer route, it doesn’t mean that you can wait to pay them until you are happy. They are people with rent/a mortgage to pay. Make sure you should treat them like you would any other professional.

Have a contract where both parties understand what’s expected. It doesn’t have to be fancy (sure, it should), but having something is better than suffering he-said-she-said argument weeks down the road.

Be fair. Ask about a reasonable time frame to expect, then make a binding agreement to pay them for their services.

Just like you, web developers are in business to make money. Their enthusiasm is about as strong as their expectations of payment.

Keep In Touch

When you make your situation urgent, your contractors will treat it with urgency. Make sure they can always reach you and keep up regular discussions about how the project is going.

We’ve all been there—after going long enough without talking to someone, there is instability around what’s happening on the project. Simple questions that should’ve been answered quickly become waffling dilemmas about whether or not the relationship is souring.

Yes, freelancers are guilty of this, but so are design studios and especially clients.

Your input is just as important to this project as theirs. Set expectations about when you will catch up with them about what’s happening. Once everyone understands that there will be a regular conversation about the project, there’s no anticipation or anxiety about how either person is handling it.

If it gets hard to reach them by phone, you need another way to contact them. On rush projects especially, there is no excuse for avoiding a phone call. Make sure you keep in touch.

Ask to See Their Work

You need status updates. Otherwise, it’s just their word telling you everything is working out great.

Just like the roadmap we mentioned earlier, you need a timeline to tell you when each task is finished. Not sure how to do that? Here are some project timeline templates you can use for free.

Project planning isn’t easy. It requires thinking small, then smaller. Once tasks are as granular as possible, building a project timeline will help you and your developer know when milestones must be completed.

These milestones should have evidence, and unless you’re a software developer, knowing what it looks like might be tough. Set expectations at the beginning of the project to hear an explanation of each milestone and how it affects the rest of the project.

No, this shouldn’t be a high-level lecture on software development, but a simple explanation can help you feel better and keep your developer accountable.

Keep Researching Ideas

Don’t stop doing your homework. A rush project is best managed by someone who understands what’s being built, so the more you can read about the kind of software you want to develop, the better your project will go.

Read forums and Reddit subs to learn about common pitfalls made by developers. This won’t make you an expert, but it will give you helpful questions to ask about your project.

Knowing what you’re talking about will also help your developer feel confident about their relationship with you. If they know you respect what they’re doing, they are more invested in your project.

Avoid Last-Minute Changes

A laptop on a tableOne surefire way to disrupt your project is to make major changes along the way. Even the best software developers have limits, and asking for the basic architecture of a project to change after it’s built will set you back on time and money.

This doesn’t mean you can’t make major changes, but don’t expect them to happen quickly. Instead, know what you want beforehand. By planning out your program as fully as possible, you can make better use of the developer’s time and resources. Otherwise, you’re just asking for new projects over and over again.

So what if you do have to make last-minute changes?

Unfortunately, this sometimes happens. It’s extremely inconvenient, and it will be a problem, but the right developer will have a good solution to help.

Never underestimate the power of a good brainstorming session. Sometimes, there are solutions to problems that not only eliminate problems, but that do so by wiping out unnecessary chunks of software. Talk to your contractor and ask why there is a problem, then try to get creative and find a better way through.

Finding a Team of Fast Web Developers

If you have to rush software to a launch, take it to someone who isn’t afraid to tackle tough projects. With an experienced team at your side, you’ll get fast delivery without having to sacrifice any quality. Find a team that knows how to work in multiple verticals and can advise you on what works best for your kind of project.

By taking a collaborative approach to your project, you may be able to invent something that the world hasn’t seen before.

Rush projects are common in the software development world. The people you work with will know how important your deadlines are to you. The best thing you can do for them is to plan your project so you can answer their questions.

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