Sep 11, 2018 Written by David Barlev
elements of good app design displayed on phone

When it comes to building and marketing an app, you’ve got your hands full. There are countless things you need to get right.

You need to optimize the MVP process, understand your customers, and create a stellar user experience. You need to nail your pre-launch, short-term and long-term marketing goals, and find a sustainable revenue model that suits your business objectives. All of these elements matter.

And one major thing here that can’t be overstated is the importance of your user experience. If you want people to actually continue using your app, once you’ve managed to get them to download it, you’ve got to give them the best possible experience. If someone else can give one better, you won’t make the cut.

Giving the best user experience isn’t about having all the bells and whistles. It’s about giving your customers what they need and want in the most intuitive and easy way possible. What this really comes down to is someone’s emotions and attitudes while using your product. How does it make them feel?

User experience encompases many factors, such as practical, meaningful, and valuable aspects of their interaction with your product or service. Because this is such a wide net, it’s not an easy thing to figure out.

If you want to ensure your design is providing the best possible user experience, here are 5 core elements you want to include in your design strategy.

elements of good app design displayed on phone

Make it Personal

Consumers expect personalized service, so us every opportunity you can find to get personal with your customers. Add elements that are tailored to providing a personalized experience and keep people coming back for more.

Optimize for Mobile

Remember that people are using your app on their mobile devices, so ensure the navigation is as easy and intuitive as possible. People do a lot on their smartphones with their thumbs, and expect a menu within finger’s reach at all times. You’ve got limited space to work with, so don’t overload the screen with anything that isn’t necessary. Think about how you can help the customer get to their final destination with as few hurdles as possible.

Reinforce Through Onboarding

It’s essential that your onboarding process engages users from the first time they use it. If people don’t immediately understand everything they can do with your app and feel that it’s better than their other options, they won’t continue to use it.

During the onboarding process, take the opportunity to highlight your value prop, show your core benefits and features, and offer quick and simple learning opportunities. Don’t waste their time and only ask for pertinent information so you don’t create unnecessary hurdles.

Have a Streamlined Focus

Any design elements that don’t help your customers achieve their goals or use your app to the best of their ability need to go. Think about the end goal – you want to have as few twists and turns as possible to reach the destination. Remember your main focus, and remove anything that is in contradiction to it.

The design of your app is one of the most important things in creating a sustainable business. Getting people to fall in love with your idea and download your app is only half the battle. Providing a great user experience is what will keep them engaged and coming back for more!

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