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Aug 09, 2018

Some Great Business Ideas For App Development

So you’re ready to get into another startup and you want to develop the next big app – but,...

Aug 08, 2018

Better UX with Data

Designers and data analysts come from two different worlds. A designer is defined as someone who plans the form,...

Aug 02, 2018

Should I Hire A Company Or Freelancer To Design My App?

If you’re not a programmer, you’re going to have to outsource the development of your app to a team....
apps need great landing pages, like this one on a mac computer

Jul 31, 2018

Your App Needs A Great Landing Page

If you’re doing things right, you’re working on your minimum viable product before finalizing your brand new app’s design....

Jul 27, 2018

Stop Trying To Use Your MVP As A Prototype For Your Final Product

Minimum viable product is a term that has been used and abused, to the detriment of many startups. Here’s...
startup team discussing things to consider for building an app

Jul 13, 2018

Considerations for Building an App: A Startup’s Guide

“You have an awesome idea!”, says everyone around you, and you tend to agree. Look, we all have awesome...
white mans hands working on product development risk reduction

Jul 12, 2018

Product Development Risk Reduction: A Guide for the Risk Averse, Part III

We’ve already covered finding the right developers and making it through the development phase with minimal risk. For our...
computer code showcasing product development risk reduction

Jul 11, 2018

Product Development Risk Reduction: A Guide for the Risk Averse, Part II

Recently, we began a series about “rescue projects”. That is, projects that didn’t work out with another developer, and...
chess board representing performing a competitive analysis

Jul 04, 2018

Performing a Competitive Analysis For Your Product Idea

Have an idea for a mobile or web app, but don’t know where to start? In these early stages,...
digital product building process

Jun 29, 2018

Digital Product Building: and The Role of Empathy

Startups often begin with a strong initial vision, something that makes leaving their day jobs and investing their time...
product development risk reduction

Jun 27, 2018

Product Development Risk Reduction: A Guide for the Risk Averse

In the tech industry, we’re all familiar with that daunting adage: 99% percent of startups don’t make it to...
three computer screens helping developer identify what's an MVP and why build them

Jun 22, 2018

What’s an MVP and Why Do We Build Them?

What’s an MVP and why do we need one? A lot of our startup clients ask us this question,...