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hand holding cell phone with mobile app showcasing the impact of crowdsourced testing on software

Jul 17, 2018

Crowdsourced Testing of Software: The Impact

Crowdsourced testing is a hot trend in software development and mobile app development right now, and the impact of...
computer by window helping people understand finding good ruby on rails developers

Jul 16, 2018

Finding Good Ruby on Rails Developers

So you want or need to build an application in Ruby on Rails? You’re not alone. Nowadays, more than...
computer code showcasing product development risk reduction

Jul 11, 2018

Product Development Risk Reduction: A Guide for the Risk Averse, Part II

Recently, we began a series about “rescue projects”. That is, projects that didn’t work out with another developer, and...
cell phone with secure vpn ensuring blockchain and cyber security are linked

Jul 10, 2018

Blockchain and IoT Security

It has been predicted that by 2020, at least 25% of cyberattacks will involve Internet of Things (IoT) devices,...
How Apple Evaluates iOS Apps best practices

Jul 02, 2018

How Apple Evaluates iOS Apps

When a client approaches us with an app they want to build for iOS, we’re not surprised when they...
ruby programming language

Jun 28, 2018

Ruby Programming Language: Four Reasons We Choose Ruby

Over the last ten years, Ruby Programming Language has been something of an Eden for coders and companies alike....